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  1. Jeff - I did not get as much traction as I thought in 24 hours and I am going to delete the league, sorry for any inconvenience

  2. Ive been told a link does not work, the league is available to view to the public here is another link of the league https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league?leagueId=15216219
  3. Okay so I was a little impatient with trying to find a league to join with all the novelty leagues and IDPs and strange rosters and milestone points and etc etc, so I decided to commish a new league. League settings can be accessed here https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/settings?leagueId=15216219 Passing touchdowns are 6 because touchdowns are worth 6. Everything else should be standard ESPN scoring, I think TEAM Defense yardage allowed I modified a tiny bit. I'm open to suggestions as far as any other league settings go I'll randomize the draft order once everyone has joined and paid I have a pay deadline the week before we draft, so 8.28.2019 Payouts I was thinking 1st- 800 2nd - 300 3rd - 100 To join https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=15216219&inviteId=99b12ae5-118f-4e00-92e0-759f0676fb31 To Pay - Leaguesafe https://leaguesafe.com/join/3910933
  4. honestly I hope he doesn't, so the decision is made for me. I dont want him playing then I have to start him/bench him and he has a dud, or maybe Cohen/Hilton whoever I bench for him has a great game, too many scenarios. My gut says he plays, and he gets 20 points
  5. i got the same - as of right now im starting thomas. I drafted Njoku and started him all year except bye and last week I went with Mcdonald. My gut is telling me that Carolina turns it around, wins on Monday night and NO no. 3 or whatever defense against TE won't matter much. I think the ceiling is higher.
  6. only have played fantasy a couple years but I love having Rivers. My strategy is most always no QB until the 8th or 9th, and while I'm aiming for Mario or Jameis, Rivers can maybe wait until the 10th-11th though not sure yet. I think he is a guarantee to do what he does, strong first half, 4000+yds, 30 TDs 15 Int. For me if I'm not getting Rodgers or Brady, I'm happy with Rivers and picking up someone a long the way, worked pretty well the last two years.
  7. "Cardinals WR Michael Floyd will enter the concussion protocol, coach Bruce Arians said. He was evaluated by an NFL observer Sunday during the Bills game and was cleared to return but Floyd had a headache on Monday."