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  1. Lol thanks, this was our 5th year so all the big name year 1 keepers went back into the draft and allowed me to get DeGrom/Turner with 2 1sts to go with my other guys. Tough year for the short season to happen though when I'll have to throw a lot of guys back next year.
  2. Obviously the shortened season is going to have varying impacts on the way some of us construct our rosters, but I'm wondering what some people think the best course of action is for my roster. This is what I have currently: I currently have 3 prospects on my roster in Adell, Carlson, and Mize, but I doubt any of them have a chance at becoming one of my 5 keepers for next year. Should I hold on to any of them in hopes for major contributions this year? Or would dropping any for bench bats like Joc/Happ/Castro be a better use of the space with the NL DH? I also do have to drop one player for Hicks if he is ready to return. Appreciate any responses and am willing to help if you drop your links below. Thanks!
  3. I'd try and see if I can get one of the 3 assets you're giving up taken out + the lottery ticket first just cause, but then I'd take the original deal still. Lineup looks a lot better in dynasty if you add Swift and Lamb for example.
  4. Completely agree. You won't get your pick of that next tier, but the value will be extremely similar.
  5. Hey all, just completed a dynasty start-up draft before the NFL draft happens. Wondering what people think about it. My Team: 10 Team Dynasty Superflex, 1 PPR QB D. Watson (3.01) RB C. McCaffrey (1.01) RB J. Connor (6.10) WR A. Cooper (2.10) WR O. Beckham Jr (5.01) TE H. Henry (8.10) FLEX D. Guice (7.01) FLEX T. Hilton (9.01) S FLEX J . Allen (4.10) BE D. Haskins Jr (QB) (15.01) BE N. Foles (QB) (19.01) BE S. Michel (RB) (10.10) BE R. Mostert (RB) (11.01) BE T. Coleman (RB) (14.10) BE S. Shepard (WR) (12.10) BE J. Crowder (WR) (13.01) BE J. Edelman (WR) (16.10) BE J. Ross III (WR) (17.01) BE J. Gordon (WR) (20.10) BE W. Dissly (TE) (18.10) I also own the 1.09 and 2.02 in the upcoming rookie draft. I'm mostly happy with the team, my only concern being the risk I have at RB after CMC. Hoping to grab a RB like Edwards-Helaire at the 1.09 depending on how the NFL draft shakes out. Thoughts?
  6. I like it. Really deep draft, you'll still have lots of options at 2.03. Worth moving up from the 3.05.
  7. I think it's a solid team. In a full point PPR with 3 WR slots I'd be a little concerned with your WRs though. Probably would've felt more comfortable with one instead of Gurley since you have so much RB depth. Having Gordon/Ekeler is fine with me. Josh Gordon was a great pick late. Just lacking a true WR1 in my opinion.
  8. Agree. Definitely stretches out the field a bit more and opens up room for Edelman in the middle. The targets will always be there.
  9. I've finally parted ways. At this point it's either a DL stint, or he keeps trying to play through it sitting multiple days while not producing. Neither yield good results. I appreciate what he's done this season from a very low draft pick, but realistically his outlook is bleak from here on out.
  10. My league has 2 SP slots, and 4 P slots. Haven't been in a situation where that isn't enough to start everyone before. I had 6 starters pitching today then May got moved up. First time I've ever had to bench a SP that is starting because I physically cannot fit him into my lineup.
  11. Best Draft Pick: Moncada at 144 Worst Draft Pick: Miggy at 168 Best Add: P. Alonso right before the year Worst Drop: Strahm before opening day? Not much to go on here. At least this would've prevented my worst trade.. Best Trade: Correa/Senzel for Lindor/Clevinger (keeper years invovled) Worst Trade: 10th round pick for Strahm and Hill. I no longer have either of those guys.
  12. Well Engram/Boyd were trades. I drafted 8th. But flip Allen/Henry and you got the order of the top 6.
  13. Damn right My thought process is there is little to no chance that either of them sit the whole year, so if I can get at least one for the start of the season, I can fill in the other spot until the second guy returns. But yep.. It's sure a major risk that could nearly end my season in the first month if I can't get either back. Where's the fun in playing it safe though?