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  1. The yield curve has been bouncing back and forth over the inversion line for more than 6 months now. We've seen other large sell offs over the past year in response to trade policy yo-yoing. The market has been unstably bullish and most economists agree we are heading for a recession sooner rather than later. A potentially large disruption in global supply from a pandemic isn't the cause of the market tanking, it's just the latest factor on the heap.
  2. The endless "there's always a new hysteria but nothing ever happens" hot takes are easy to make from the comfort of home. The reality is that billions upon billions of dollars of resources are poured into efforts to mitigate these disasters before they happen. The people that ask "why all the effort and worry for something that didn't do much" should be asking themselves if all the effort and worry was the reason nothing much happened. The thing about infectious diseases is that they spread at an exponential rate. If you wait until it becomes a big deal to act, then it becomes a REALLY big deal. Yeah, the flu kills hundreds of thousands a year, but do we really want to stack that with a similarly scaled COVID breakout? We'd be looking at 2.5-5 million deaths in that case. And remember, the death tallies of the flu are suppressed by the fact that there are yearly efforts to get flu vaccines to the most vulnerable demographics. There is no COVID vaccine and we have no idea for sure if the summer heat will stop it.
  3. Best league I ever done been in. 5 years, 5 different champions, a meetup in San Diego, and the best trash talk 13 randos can muster.
  4. Thanks for the bump bro. Still looking for interested owners. Looking to make a decision by Saturday
  5. Tired of being in crappy fantasy leagues plagued by inactive and uninterested owners? Want to talk baseball year round with a group of fanatics? Our league, founded in 2015, is a collection of 13 mostly random fans from across the country (and Canada) that focuses on providing an outlet for funny and serious discussions. Members create and post (minimum of 3) videos at various times during the season, participate in our league chat (through Groupme), and attend the yearly video conference “league summit” in the offseason. After 3 riotously successful years, we have decided to move to a deeper, light-dynasty format with 8 dynasty keepers and 7 man minor league rosters. This will be a complete redraft, so it is the perfect time for a committed owner to jump in and build the team they want. The draft order has already been determined through random drawing (new owner is 2nd pick). ---------- League Details: Current site: ESPN (subject to change year to year) Format: H2H Cats, 6x6, Dynasty Keeper League (8 keepers), 7 minor league slots Draft Style: Offline slow dynasty snake draft Offline slow minor league draft Yearly online auction draft for remaining players (23 man rosters) Teams: 14 Dues: $10 (used for engraving & shipping Champion trophy, and Chump-ion prize) Prizes: Glory, Bragging Rights, and Possession of the trophy for the year Procedure To Join: We are only looking for 1 owner, and ask that you submit a short (1-2 minute) video to introduce yourself (where you are from, your favorite team, fantasy experience, hobbies, etc.) and make your case to join. Passion or creativity goes a long way. We are looking for owners that will mesh well and stay long term. Our videos will be provided as examples. We want to diversify, so we prefer fans of teams not already represented in the league: Giants (2x), A’s (2x), Padres(1x), Dodgers (1x), Cardinals (1x), Royals (1x), Cubs (1x), Tigers (2x), and Mets (2x). More About the League: The league is very competitive, close knit, and fun. This past year, over half the league converged on San Diego to meetup, drink beer, and watch a ballgame (Padres, but still...) Be prepared for plentiful trash talk, language that would make a sailor blush, and other shenanigans.We encourage participation outside of the mandatory video posts, and we are active year round. Drop me a pm for more details, as well as where to submit videos.