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  1. [Keep the discussion focused on baseball, folks.]
  2. [Time to stop hijacking the OP's thread. Take the Kershaw debate elsewhere.]
  3. Other than Trout, I would go with Nolan Ryan. Absolute beast.
  4. He's not. He doesn't have the stuff. He's a solid SP2 in 12-team leagues.
  5. Obviously vague and unofficial, but it's interesting.
  6. This dude is the most fun pitcher to watch in baseball. Love the intensity.
  7. I heard Nick and Alex talk about him on the most recent PL podcast. He had the highest perceived fastball velocity in baseball last season, but also had one of the worst spin rates. I still see him a top 25 SP, but I'm hoping he can pitch at least 170 innings.
  8. I have him as a top 12 SP again. If you're drafting in the next few days, you will probably be able to snag him as your SP2. Absolute steal.
  9. Andrew McCutchen (#183 on Yahoo!) Carlos Martinez (#223 on Yahoo!) James Paxton #(226 on Yahoo!) C.J. Cron (#228 on Yahoo!) Garrett Richards (#238 on Yahoo!) Shogo Akiyama (#264 on Yahoo!) Buster Posey #(283 on Yahoo!) All worth grabbing at those prices.
  10. This. Arenado would likely still hit .280 with 30-35 bombs outside of Coors.