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  1. He's probably more valuable in points leagues due to his K% and BB%. I would be happy with a .275 average, 30+ homers, 80+ runs, and 90+ RBI.
  2. Padres and Red Sox are currently discussing a trade centered around Betts. The Red Sox have one of the worst farm systems in baseball, so it would be interesting to see who they could potentially acquire.
  3. As an Angels fan, I can't wait for Pujols to be gone. He appears to be a decent guy, but he's been a below-average hitter for the past three seasons. It was crazy to see him post a sub-.300 OBP in back-to-back seasons.
  4. Jeter was the face of baseball and was a pretty good hitter, albeit overrated. He hit for a good average and had speed, but he wasnt a fantastic hitter. Also, despite his gold gloves, he was a pretty poor defender. With that said, he was everything you wanted a baseball player to be. He kept his nose clean and was a bona fide leader. It would have been cool to see him get voted in unanimously, but better players have also fallen short.
  5. Huge target of mine. His stuff is still wicked.
  6. I have him as a low-end SP1 for 12-team leagues.
  7. I’m targeting him to be my SP1. He’s filthy.
  8. My Angels really need pitching, but glad they didn't sign him for 4 years.
  9. [Keep the discussion centered around Rendon, guys.]
  10. Love the Rendon signing for my Angels. Now, please go get some pitching.
  11. Really glad my Angels didn't sign him for that amount. With that said, they won't be sniffing the playoffs yet again in 2020.