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  1. 4 game week next week and then the trade deadline. Let's see how far up the mins and the production get ramped.
  2. What odds that minny brings in another PG at the deadline?
  3. He looks good out there honestly. Just being passive.
  4. TJ Warren if you need points, FG%, and a sprinkle of anciliary stats. PJ if your focus is threes and anciliary stats. Personally, I'm going with Tony Buckets all day. Man is a professional scorer and can carry that cat for you week in week out.
  5. I wouldn't do that. Graham kills you in FG, sure, but he also wins you assists and 3s on a weekly basis. Hayward is good but he can't carry categories like Graham can. Punt FG and Graham becomes 3rd round value on the season. There's also reason to hope that his FG improves as the season goes on and he gets used to his role. I would not do the trade. You can the majority of Hayward's stats off the wire. You can't get Graham's. Assists are impossible to find.
  6. 1 three/31/19/1 steal/2 blocks. Returning Top 30 value over the last two weeks. *heart eyes*
  7. 100% holding. What a solid line in an unfavourable matchup.
  8. Keep in mind, this is up against the Bulls playing a rookie C and Luke Kornet. And Drummond has been ejected.
  9. Would you all drop a guy like Wood for Spellman? Figuring Spellman might deliver the stats everyone keeps expecting from Wood
  10. He's the weirdest player I've ever seen. I don't know what he's good at.