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  1. Thoughts on this mans with Broggy going bye bye?
  2. f--- this guy. Drops a dud every time I pick him up. Sending his a** right back to the wire.
  3. Yes - that's my worry too. It's completely up in the air honestly. Wait and see situation in most leagues. I had an open IR spot so I nabbed him in what can only be characterized as the yoloest of yolo moves - low risk so if he busts, no harm done. And if he does well...🍆
  4. God I hope he plays - on paper, he is so perfect for that team. Really really really hoping he breaks out. The litmus test is Saturday vs the Jazz. If he can get mins there, that could be his opportunity to showcase. I believe in this guy so much. He's switchable on defense and can shoot the three ball easy. It just all comes down to minutes and him delivering.
  5. Kinda boggling how much better this dude is in fantasy than real life...
  6. This guy has been frustrating to own this season.
  7. Why trade him now when his value is the lowest and the All Star Break is just around the corner? I'm holding until he has a few monster games and then selling him high.
  8. I'm keeping. Millsap is the backup C/Pf right now and Plumlee is out of the rotation. Means plenty of mins for Sap and Grant.
  9. What are we thinking with Millsap back today? He's been killing it with Millsap out the picture
  10. It's gonna be a rocky ride owning this dude. All aboard the train for Detroit Mo Bamba.
  11. Man he looks good out there - he's been moving well for a few games now. Shot just hasn't been dropping. He also needs to do a better job of getting it to Rudy. Let's see. I think he's trying to figure it out and the best is yet to come as he gets more comfortable in the offense.
  12. The breakout is any game now. He looks like a guy who's coming back from injury and just getting into rhythm. I'm going to hold a while longer. Let's see what happens.
  13. He averaged 1.4 blocks and 1.2 steals in college, along with 18 - 4 - 4. The defensive stats are sustainable.