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  1. I would also be interested in joining a very modest pay league, especially if it is on Fantrax...Will do a free or modest pay league...thanks
  2. I am considering starting an 8 team dynasty on Fantrax. Free league first year, then transition to modest (15-25) pay league in year 2. H2H weekly matchups, 8 x 8 cats. One draft, slow draft of 77 rounds. Massive daily starting lineup with 21 offensive starters and 17 pitching starters. 14 man bench, 25 drafted prospects. Teams may elect to draft extra prospects from their 14 bench spots should they so choose. I know its only 8 teams and most all of my leagues are between 12-16 teams. But the huge daily starting spots mitigate the smaller number of teams. I just tried this out a week ago with same setup, experimenting with small number of teams. We will be finishing up by tomorrow probably. The draft has flown by, averaging about 8-9 rounds per day....Let me know if at:
  3. might be
  4. an addition to the original post, the league will have 8 IL spots and there will be 22 prospects drafted, with the league eventually maxing out at 30 prospects, adding two each year