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  1. an addition to the original post, the league will have 8 IL spots and there will be 22 prospects drafted, with the league eventually maxing out at 30 prospects, adding two each year
  2. Hello, here are the particulars + 30 dollar buy-in + 12 teams + H2H weekly matchups + 7 x 7 categories + 33 man roster + 24 daily starters + IL spots + Minors spots + 55 round 'slow' draft with 6-hour limit + two 6-team divisions + major league team names used + Rounds 1-7 are prospect draft rounds only, order flips in Round 8 and major league players or prospects may be selected throughout the balance of the draft + Members will pay first 2 years in advance and must be paid up before drafting + Fantrax league Treasurer is the monetary instrument for league If interested, please leave your email here or contact me:
  3. Good morning- we are in need of 1 additional owner in our 12 team Fantrax league that is going into our 3rd season. It is a 12 team league, 50 dollar buy-in, H2H weekly matchups with 10 x 10 category scoring. A 40 man roster with 27 daily starters, 13 Bench spots, 12 IL spots as well..Should anyone have interest, please leave your contact info here or email myself at
  4. Good evening to all- we have a 15 team startup Dynasty league On Fantrax and we need one final member. It is a 50 dollar pay league, H2H weekly matchups, daily lineups, 9 x 9 category scoring. There is a 35 man roster, 24 daily starters, 11 Bench spots, 12 IL spots and we draft 25 prospects in the 60 round Draft. Teams may own a maximum of 40 prospects. We started the draft earlier and got thru 5 prospect rounds and will resume next Thursday, January 16th. An owner informed me this morning that could not continue any longer so we are in search of the final piece. The open team drafted Robert, Bohm, Trammell, Mountcastle and Mitch Keller. When we resume next Thursday, the draft flips and major league players are available to be drafted, along with prospects until the conclusion of the Draft....Should anyone be interested, please email me at: OR leave your email here...thanks
  5. If I find a league that needs multiple owners I will pass that info along to you
  6. Good afternoon to everyone. I am looking for a new startup Dynasty league on Fantrax. Two dynasty leagues that I have been in for longer than 3 years have shut down during the past couple months and I am looking at add one more startup league. I have perused this site pretty regularly and haven't found quite what I want which is: + New startup Fantrax-only league + No more than 20 teams, preferably 12-16 + H2H weekly category matchups with daily lineup setting (no roto or points) + Prospect roster of at least 15 prospects, preferably in the 25 -40 area + Pay league but not more than 100 dollars (might do a free league but only after exhausting pay options) I know this is rather specific but I am just trying to save time for everyone and this will cut through the initial conversations and help define more acutely possible new leagues and myself as a member. If you have such a league please contact me at: .....I am in 6 current leagues, all daily lineup leagues and am a very active owner, league manager in two of those leagues. However, I am looking for a league where I can just be a member only. Thanks for your time and have a good one....Thom