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  1. Who has better value for the rest of the year in roto leagues?
  2. Who has better value for the rest of the year in roto leagues?
  3. Agreed I picked up winslow. Also tempted by satoransky but i feel like winslow has more upside
  4. Who would replicate John Walls production better? Collison or WInslow?
  5. Looking to semi-replicate john walls production who should I pick up? 10 team 10 cat league
  6. What are the chances he's out for the season? Not sure if I should try to trade him for anything at this point just to try to get something back in return
  7. Collins has been a stud so far, but I would like to know who has more overall value in roto formats and if I should accept this trade.
  8. Ariza looked great today, and Gary Harris hasn't done much this year. Would you drop Harris for Ariza in a 9-cat league?
  9. based on what youre saying though, if you would just drop Bagley for Bogi, then I'm basically trading brook Lopez for Al Horford. Doesn't that make this a good trade?
  10. PG Malcolm Brogdon MilSG, PG MOVE -- SG Josh Richardson MiaSF, SG MOVE -- SF Khris Middleton MilSF, SG MOVE -- PF John Collins AtlPF MOVE -- C Karl-Anthony Towns MinC MOVE -- G John Wall WshPG MOVE -- F Paul George OKCSF MOVE -- UTIL Rudy Gobert UtahC MOVE -- UTIL Trae Young AtlPG MOVE -- UTIL Montrezl Harrell LACC, PF MOVE @SA 8:30 PM TOTALS Bench Gary HarrisO DenSG MOVE -- Bench Brook Lopez MilC MOVE -- Bench Marvin Bagley III SacPF MOVE --
  11. I was offered Al Horford for Brook Lopez and Marvin Bagley in a 10-cat league... Should I do it? I would pick up Bogdan Bogdanovic, who has been playing very well. I know Horford is injured, but I'm the second best team in my league and can afford to keep him on my bench for a little.
  12. Thoughts on this team in a 9-cat league? I would be picking up Bogdan Bogdanovic from waivers.
  13. Should I make this trade offer in a 9 cat league? I could potentially swap out Montrezl for John Collins, but I'm not sure what a good offer would be.
  14. Would you guys offer Gary Harris and Marvin Bagley for Draymond Green in a 9-cat league? I can pick up Eric Gordon of my waivers to replace Gary Harris.
  15. Just got offered Draymond for my Josh Richardson in a 9cat league. Thoughts?