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  1. My playoffs started already last week - playoff matchup go for 2 weeks and Im in a hole right now after winning 17 straight H2H in the regular season to finish with a 17-1 record and the 1st by a mile. With Leonard, George, Bledsoe, Covington all missing games, I desperately need production and face the decision the drop the lord today simply because I need production and cant wait for him for another 4 days... Its sad
  2. scooped him up from the waiver wire yesterday. crossing fingers
  3. Somehow Will Barton is on the waiver wire in my 10team H2H 9Cat league and I would love to pick him up, but somehow I dont know who to drop. Candidates: Bledsoe, THJ, JJJ, Dinwiddie, Mirotic & Love...what should I do?