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  1. Hope my waiver for him pushes through, replacing DFS for Ariza. Ariza in a 30mpg role has always been a nice combination - people have to remember that he has been drafted consistently in the middle rounds for so many years because of his 2 3s (back when the NBA as a whole were taking less 3s) and 2 steals per game production. He may have lost a little step here and there but 2 3s and 1.5 steals should be attainable, along with 11 to 15 ppg along with decent rebounds. If he reaches those, I'll be more than happy and you could do worse for an end of the bench guy.
  2. Got Vuc at 16th in my 14th team league - paired him with Gobert for a lethal bigman combination which has been paying dividends so far, with Gobert beasting after a slow start and Vuc recovering. But man, his line today is a literal 9-cat gem - 25 PTS 11 REBS 5 ASTS 3 STLS 2 BLKS with 3 3s on 50% FG and perfect FT%. The dude deserves more attention. I know it was Zion day today but still, look for Vuc to keep it rolling as the Magic cling on to the playoffs.
  3. Exactly my sentiments, and he was just picked up.
  4. Agree. He has a chance to beast come fantasy playoffs. Patient owners will be rewarded.
  5. This game is with Millsap active. Gotta add him now. Run dont walk situation for deep leaguers.
  6. Hahaha! Players are always more optimistic when it comes to injury scares. Let's see how the next Magic game turns out. I added Jefferson because Birch was already gotten and people in my league are like vultures when it comes to adds so you always have to think ahead.
  7. Am I the only one who added Amile Jefferson due to the Isaac injury scare? Deep league, obviously. Seems like people have been adding Birch instead which is weird because he primarily does not play Isaac's position.
  8. So glad to have this dude on my team. I had hoped for him and OPJ to be a dynamic 1-2 punch mid round combo on my team, but Kelly performing like this somehow lessens the sting of the disastrous season OPJ is having so far. I can't believe the Wiz traded this dude for Ariza. Talk about lopsided. Him, Beal and Bryant would have been an intriguing 3 man core for them.
  9. Agree, I can't bring myself to drop OPJ either and the lack of a concrete timetable is annoying. Playing in deep leagues without IR sure is tough. I also have decided to hold to Bryant for now, Ayton will be back in the 17th anyway. I just hope Clarke will be back soon as well.
  10. Thanks man. As expected, our wire is pretty barren. The bigs available are Dieng, Meyers, etc.
  11. Anyone here dropping in deep leagues without IR? I'm currently 8th in my 18 team league, but the gap between the teams are very tight. I already have Ayton, OPJ and Clarke aside from Thomas and I don't know if I'll survive if I stash another player for 6 weeks. Just wanted to know whether you guys have dropped this dude in your leagues and who did you replace him with. Deep leagues only please if possible.
  12. And I benched Garland for him, who is having a career night.
  13. I don't have shares of him and never have because of his historically atrocious stat lines these past years. I usually laugh at the managers who take him inside the top 100 but finally the joke's on me this year. I'm happy for the man finally putting in together this year, hope he can keep it up ROS. Maybe Glen Taylor really did saw this coming when he infamously handed him that max contract. He only needs to work on his FTs and he is definitely (more) golden. I guess the pre-draft T-Mac comparisons aren't far off.
  14. Was he getting additional minutes in today's game even without J-Rich getting hurt? Anyway I think I'm in the minority of those who never dropped him, 18 team league to be exact. I benched him today and he goes off, which is annoying. Anyway hope he can keep up this kind of lines. We know the stocks potential has always been there, its just about the minutes. The possible threes he provides is just gravy.