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  1. Hoping he will be healthy come week 22 onwards, which are the default playoff weeks.
  2. I know people here frown upon posters complaining about the injuries to their teams, but this has been ridiculous lately. JJJ Clarke Redick Oubre Ayton Lillard (who thankfully is coming back) Garland (18 team league, he is a core part of my team) Yes injuries are part of fantasy, but if you are unlucky then it's really out of your control. It just makes me bitter that I had a potent team when healthy and now I am clinging to the 8th spot in my league and might not make it in at all. If I do, I don't like my chances. My goodness what a crazy few weeks it has been.
  3. No news yet of a second opinion. Are you all dropping??
  4. I already got him, but more as a streamer because of the Kings' 4 game week. Hope he delivers the goodies at least for the short term. Holmes is out too so the minutes and opportunity are definitely there for the taking.
  5. And they thought about trading this guy??? PHX, you already have a big 3.
  6. Yeah, and D'Lo MIGHT be coming on board in the next few days which will sap Beasley's value. I think Juancho is worth the scoop. Preferably you still should have one more move though for the deadline madness.
  7. What about Juancho though? I think with RoCo KBD and Vonleh out he has a chance to produce. In deep leagues we have to act fast.
  8. Can't wait for @XOrad10 to drop the bombs during the deadline. Leaning on you again dude to deliver the goodies.
  9. I'm in a super deep league and I stashed Hartenstein and dropped McRae. For all these Capela packages, do you guys think that the Rockets will take back a Center? Hartenstein as we know is a beast when given the minutes.
  10. Hope my waiver for him pushes through, replacing DFS for Ariza. Ariza in a 30mpg role has always been a nice combination - people have to remember that he has been drafted consistently in the middle rounds for so many years because of his 2 3s (back when the NBA as a whole were taking less 3s) and 2 steals per game production. He may have lost a little step here and there but 2 3s and 1.5 steals should be attainable, along with 11 to 15 ppg along with decent rebounds. If he reaches those, I'll be more than happy and you could do worse for an end of the bench guy.
  11. Got Vuc at 16th in my 14th team league - paired him with Gobert for a lethal bigman combination which has been paying dividends so far, with Gobert beasting after a slow start and Vuc recovering. But man, his line today is a literal 9-cat gem - 25 PTS 11 REBS 5 ASTS 3 STLS 2 BLKS with 3 3s on 50% FG and perfect FT%. The dude deserves more attention. I know it was Zion day today but still, look for Vuc to keep it rolling as the Magic cling on to the playoffs.
  12. Exactly my sentiments, and he was just picked up.
  13. Agree. He has a chance to beast come fantasy playoffs. Patient owners will be rewarded.
  14. This game is with Millsap active. Gotta add him now. Run dont walk situation for deep leaguers.