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  1. Currently the 12 team league's auction is scheduled for March 31st
  2. Our League has a few openings. It's a keeper league (5) .The league is does an auction draft. Some of our owners can't participate this year. It's a great group of knowledgeable and active owners. If you're of that type and want to join us please let me know. League Settings Available Teams Also have a couple openings in a 10 team league with the same settings. League Settings Available teams
  3. Need two new owners. This is a free league. Great group of owners. Auction scheduled for Sunday March 22 at 6 pm ET League link Available teams: Let me know if interested. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the advice. I did accept the offer. I agree on the Yelich trade, I think I'll vote to veto that. I'll bet the other owner didn't even realize that Giolito is shut down for the year and can't help him anyway.
  5. In a 10 team 5x5 h2h league (13 hitters 9 pitchers) with 10 keepers I received an offer of Trout and Goldschmidt for Freeman, Rendon, and Corbin. The offer came from a team in the finals whose championship match started today and runs thru Sept 29th. The team is looking to win this year and earlier today traded Yelech for Altuve and Giolito. Would you do the trade? Some of my other keepers are Story, Arenado, Ramirez, deGrom, Nola, Thor What do you think about the fairness of the Yelich for Altuve/Giolito trade? Thanks for any advice.
  6. On the ESPN platform it no longer shows that information. We're approx 1/3 through the season so I'm guessing that a pace for 200 starts would be about 67 starts as of today. Does anyone know the actual formula to calculate it? Thanks!
  7. ESPN is just stupid is the correct answer. I LM a couple leagues on that platform. The new dumbed down version that espn changed to this season does some weird things. When you make a roster change for tomorrow, or the next day, or any day other than today it still records the move with todays date. In prior seasons changes made in advance didn't run and get recorded until the nightly batch run for each date. So the moves in question were actually moves for some future date. The new dumbed down espn site doesn't even allow LMs to edit players in or out of anyone elses (or their own) lineup after that player has locked at their game time. In prior years LMs could edit their own or other owners,s lineups after their lock time and it would record the move as "performed by LM", but that's no longer the case. I hope this info helps.
  8. I sent you a message and I'll have the league LM contact you.
  9. Our League has one opening. It's a keeper league (5) .The league is changing to an auction draft this year. We're also doing a reset, so we'll be redrafting from scratch with no prior keepers carrying over. It's a great group of knowledgeable and active owners. If you're of that type and want to join us please let me know. League Settings