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  1. Only good fit? On a team that doesnt throw the ball much? How long till AB whines that he's not getting force-fed 15-20 targets a game?
  2. I just dont see the volume being there, especially on a team that probably wants to run the ball and play good defense. Im not sure if I want a starting TE who relies on big plays for production. His snap count also curiously went dramatically down when Lock became the starter. Its not that I dont think he can be good, its just there a lot of guys who are a lot better. I think his breakout will come in 2021.
  3. I doubt Fant cracks the top 8 this season let alone top 4 lol.
  4. Wrestlemania will always suck if they continue to showcase 50 year old part-time wrestlers fighting for title belts.
  5. I dont agree with that. I imagine that Michel and White will be much cheaper in drafts this season.
  6. No not really lol. He was actually having a great off season until signing Gordon.
  7. The Green Bay offense isnt good enough anymore to support a third option after Adams and Jones.
  8. If this is true than one of Lindsay and Freeman has to be getting traded? Otherwise this is a terrible signing by Elway.
  9. My bad, I thought he tore his Achilles. Some reports say he tore his ACL and MCL. Still not a good injury. I think Lamar would be a decent 3rd down RB for the Bucs.
  10. He's done. Unlikely to get the same amount of volume on another team than he did on Houston, especially coming off the worst type of injury.
  11. Bodies never fully heal. Injuries can sap a player's agility, lateral movement, affect range of motion etc. Plus there's no idea how an athlete is affected mentally. Eifert when healthy was never a big catch or yardage guy. The Jags have already struck out twice on similar, injury prone TEs like Julius Thomas and ASJ, I wouldnt waste a pick on Eifert outside of best ball or really deep leagues.
  12. That guys body has to be a complete wreck at this point.
  13. Add guys like Thomas Jones, Mixon, Bell, Freeman. Probably a lot more examples.
  14. I wish he was a workhorse TE like the big 3. His draft price is probably going to be too high for my liking.