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  1. Rosen is brutal. No reason to spin it. Even in terrible situations rookie QBs should be able to show some flashes of talent. David Carr still had his moments playing for a terrible expansion team. I havent seen anything from Rosen that make me think he can even be a good backup QB.
  2. Gurley is properly valued and Edleman is probably overvalued if anything.
  3. Boston was a huge jerk with some of the worst off the field issues I have ever seen. One of the biggest wastes of talent in pro sports history. I dont think we have much to worry about DK unless he really is juicing.
  4. ??? Similar size and build to T.O.
  5. Its debatable if he's the 3rd target. CEH/DWill will have as many combined targets as Sammy. Plus there's a chance Hardman makes a Year 2 leap. Watkins was absolutely useless after Hill went down, despite getting a healthy amount of targets as the #1 WR. I wouldnt draft him outside of best ball leagues.
  6. Thats asking a lot for a rookie WR given how great Diggs was last season. Totally agree with everything else you said. Im wary of Thielen also.
  7. Wilson no but I would take Kyler over Watson with little hesitation.
  8. Through sheer volume only. His efficiency dropped as both a runner and receiver.
  9. Flacco is clearly a backup though.
  10. Cole Beasley also put useful statlines in the slot with Prescott.
  11. Nagy get a little too much flak. Its not like he was the guy who traded up to draft Trubisky.
  12. Because it begs the question if those guys are actually good or not. If they dont receive high volume are they still going to put up points? I doubt many people liked owning guys like Bell, Michel, Montgomery or Freeman in 2019.