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  1. Isnt this like the 3rd time we've seen these 2 teams in a primetime game in the last few seasons?
  2. I kinda hope he doesnt play. I rather see him get another week of rest and not be on some kind of snap/touch count in his first game.
  3. Scoring TDs is obviously never a bad thing but its concerning that he's been propped up by those TDs. When he doesnt score he will give you a dud. The yardage hasnt been there so far this season.
  4. The TDs have been saved him so far this season.
  5. Exactly. He's had 2 duds in the last 3 games but thats just the nature of the position. Its hard to find TEs that are getting 7 targets a game.
  6. Who said anyone is happy? It was a bad game for most of the Chiefs offense.
  7. No but some people in here acted like the sky was falling with DJ.
  8. In a potential shootout vs a bad pass D? No. 4-93-2 isn't bad for a "WR3"
  9. He was force fed targets in Pittsburgh and complained when he wasnt and he wont get that with whatever team he signs.
  10. They are. Theyre both in game shape, know the offense and already have well established chemistry with Russ.
  11. I just dont see how he's going to upstage two superiors WR1s, assuming everything else goes right.
  12. How much upside does AB have if he goes to a team like Seattle?
  13. Where should he be ranked ROS? Ahead of guys like Bridgewater or Minshew or behind them?
  14. When Byron Pringle outproduces you its time to move on.