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  1. Thats kind of grasping at straws. He's had his fare share of duds. Not sure if thats a good thing. Lack of competitive games have been a problem this season.
  2. He's definitely not an automatic start. Only reason people are high on him is because how bad GB has been against RBs.
  3. The difference is pretty negligible when you factor in the missed game for Taylor.
  4. His floor will crumble when he doesnt score 2 rushing TDs every game. Tebow was a much better runner so if anything he's a poor mans Tebow. If he's not targeting Kamara then his passing TD upside is very limited. Saints have the best D in the league atm so the volume is a concern too.
  5. There are a lot of factors in play: No Brees, MT is back, Saints D is lights out right now, possible foot injury.
  6. I hope its not a major injury like a ligament or achilles tear. DJ is one of the exciting players in the league and I hope he has a long career.
  7. Im off the Hill train. Hes basically Gurley in the QB spot.
  8. He doesnt really need to be horrific. Another Eagles loss and they could be 3rd place in the division. A change up at QB might be the spark they need.
  9. What is upside in this matchup? Like 14-17 points?
  10. An elite RB shouldnt need 20-25 carries minimum. Taylor has yet to show that home run ability to break a long run, which he is going to need when he doesnt get a big workload. Overall he had a good game. The workload was great but the efficiency is still not there yet.
  11. 8-57 on 13 targets tonight. 18-157 so far this season. Looks great playing the Danny Amendola role in this offense. League winner.
  12. He thinks he's Pat Mahomes or Russel Wilson. He needs to stick to dinking and dunking.
  13. That doesnt mean he's a generational talent since there are lots of similar players like Kupp. Keenan Allen is a much better player too.
  14. How is he a generational talent? Im not even convinced he's the best WR on his own team let alone in the league.
  15. Probably because we seen these types of players before Kupp like Edleman, Landry, Welker etc.
  16. Slot WRs who get targeted a lot should get a lot of receptions. I dont know what that has to do with AJB, Metcalf and Terry.
  17. I dont think his usage his great. Watson doesnt like to target RBs and so Duke isnt being used to his main strength.
  18. He cant play Thanksgiving vs the Lions. Duke's backfield for one more week if that means anything.
  19. If youre worried about CEH's usage why would take Gurley over him? I can see the argument for Zeke since he'll get more guaranteed volume.
  20. JRob would take an extra player to get. I rather have CEH than Zeke personally but its probably a wash. Outside of Week 14 vs Cincy, Zeke's schedule is pretty brutal. Conner is basically CEH but on much worse offense. Gurley is the guy you should have sold weeks ago. He might be one of the worst 2nd half RBs with the inevitable TD regression.