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  1. Keenum just had a better season than Tyrod has ever had. You could also go McCown or just stop being stubborn and take a qb at 4 Barkley at 1 and thats about as good of a situation as a rookie qb could be in (with the Landry deal anyway).
  2. They have 2 top 5 picks, it's petty clear they have a good supporting cast (or will shortly). They are a way better situation than say Denver who is aging at WR and have a weak RB.
  3. Is Tyrod much better than the Keenum, Bradford, Bridgewater, Mccaron? Is he the long term answer? My guess is no.
  4. Why? There are 4-5 solid QB options that are free agents, and Landry is grossly overpaid now, plus they didn't sign him to a long term deal. So, unless those are 5th rd picks or later that's terrible. They are wasting their picks and now stuck with a 15 million dollar slot receiver.
  5. Exactly, that makes no sense. He isn't getting 16 mil per year in FA. Take the money and get paid next year. Even a serious injury isn't gong to kill his value look at ARob. He's making a horrible decision if he holds out, not to mention holdout players struggle and get hurt more costing themselves money in the long run.
  6. Landry should just call their bluff and sign asap. 16mil guaranteed is just over half of the guaranteed money Adams got and Landry gets to hit the market next year for sure (fins wouldn't tag him again), so could pick up another 25-30 mil guaranteed. He's young enough to do it and he had a very consistent track record.
  7. I agree, he won't be on any of my teams. I just have a really had time seeing the upside with him at this point. 800 yds 6tds, that's waiver wire material, and the worst part is he's hard to cut, trade, or bench if you invest that much in him.
  8. Right, but Elliott will score the tds... Dez rushed back from his foot injury and has never been the sam. Then the team changed philosophy with Dak, and that combined with Dez' s decline make me almost completely uninterested. 8th or so, at the earliest, Wr3/4.
  9. I know the Browns aren't good but ..... Gordon! Best receiver he'll have a chance to play with, draft a new RB so the defense isn't out there all game. CLE goes on a few SB runs = all time legend, Brady status.
  10. They will get a compensatory 3rd, but yea I think the Redskins are a poorly run organization and this is just more evidence of that. Now they have a 2-3 year window that they aren't ready to capitalize on. I think that they basically view Cousins as a non-elite QB that couldn't get them over the hump and would rather have Smith, then draft someone in 1-3 years, and that new guy will be their franchise QB. Instead of doing what Baltimore did with Flacco and being stuck with him forever.
  11. I play in leagues that vary between standard, .5ppr, and full ppr. You can't really evaluate players without having the scoring as context. So never draft a player again after they bust in year 2 when they are also playing through a bum ankle I believe? At those adps in full ppr I'd probably go with Landry too but hopefully he sticks in MIA, otherwise switching teams is always a risk. Look at Cooks and Pryor.
  12. If he's throwing and participating in the offseason he's obviously a potential high upside player. I'd suggest making decisions based on what he actually does not what anyone says. If he's practicing and throwing then great, if not there's a reason.
  13. Those are about the most worthless statistics you could possibly pull. 4 years ago, who cares? Adams hit 997 yards in 2016 and was on pace to barely clear 1,000 yards last year. The last two years, when Adams has had a consistent role on the offense, he's put up 63 ypg and 22 tds. Landry is at 66 ypg and 13 tds. Plus Adams just got a massive contract signaling GB views him as the replacement for Jordy. In full point ppr sure I see the appeal for Landry and debate for him over adams,but in standard no way, not even close.
  14. I'm not high on him, but he will be drafted in redraft. To me, he's just a late round flier WR 4-5 and less valuable in PPR. The one big plus for him is that if Allen does get injured I think he'd be the clear top wideout in a solid offense, and with a good QB. Rivers likes who he likes, and he avoids people he isn't comfortable with. A stellar preseason would change my mind, but without an injury to Allen I really can't see him hitting 1,000 yds or 8+ tds.
  15. I think the Malarkey firing is due in part to this. Misuse of your weapons, and refusal to adapt. Henry should have been the 1a most of the season with Murray on 3rd downs and to spell Henry as needed. I don't necessarily think Murray is gone (they could just ask for a pay cut), but I don't think he returns to the starter role.