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  1. Jordan Zimmerman day - interesting fantasy matchup in this Tigers/Rays day game
  2. For whatever it's worth I suspect he'll be unavailable tonight. 60 pitches over 3 consecutive appearances. Could be wrong.
  3. Kintzler has been good the last month or so. Since the 3 run game 6/9 (nice) conveniently now 31 days ago.
  4. I'm nervous about the lefties. GL to you as well
  5. Being in the Philadelphia area - it seems like the Phillies aren't going to trade what it would take for Machado and are going to take their chances in the offseasons to come. Surprise team this year and ahead of schedule but all moves are being made with 2019 and 2020 in mind.
  6. Since we're doing this... ESPN Player Rater has Tre Turner at #18 and Nolan at #19 in 5x5 roto for me.
  7. Kluber, MadBum, and Eovaldi - let's go!