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  1. Incredible value everywhere - with this being my first mock draft of the season I'm thinking that this is deeper than years past?
  2. Would love to make my next pick before I leave work for the day. Seems like everyone is online.
  3. Single-handedly made me revise my post from SP to P
  4. I would have gone Dee Gordon over Kinsler if Marte wasn't already rostered. Looking back - it was Daniel Murphy/Dee Gordon or Marte/Kinsler.
  5. No way to prepare for what is left on the board but it's exactly what I wanted to prepare for. The strategy to load up bats early is enticing even without the slide of SP but it will pay even bigger dividends here for those that went all in here. The run on pitching is coming very soon though...
  6. Skill set is real - I just have to see more of last year before I buy the 6th round price tag on him. I will revisit this on names who I think sit around Segura's numbers this year once they are drafted.
  7. Interesting slot for Segura who is coming off a career year and a negative change in ballpark. Also noted that @BxBOMBERs28 remains without a P - the only team.
  8. I think he's going to be undervalued in drafts - thinking of where Khris Davis is going and if Joc gets more PA...
  9. I misspoke. Strategies* not settings. As in frequency of add/drops etc where streaming pitchers can play into draft strategy,
  10. This is what makes mocks interesting because we aren't all mocking for the same settings. I can't rotate starters and own the batting cats in my league.
  11. I really like what @Dodgers is doing but it's not without huge risk/reward. A lot of studs on that squad.
  12. Are we running the 3 hour clock 9-6 M-F? Also, google doc omits Jon Lester from my squad.
  13. I'm usually all over SP early and never have the bats. Not this year - wont subject myself to it.
  14. Little too early for Dahl for me - but could prove to be even better than that value. Immense upside and I don't hate the chance you're taking.
  15. I took him as my ace in the mock draft running now. Feeling great about it considering where I got him.
  16. Really I'm taking the opposite approach with the SP still left on the board. Honestly after Kershaw, Scherzer - I see about 20 pitchers that have the same value
  17. Was gonna go bananas if I was able to get Stanton and I don't even like him all that much in fantasy
  18. This is quite possibly the most important part of the drafts. Rounds 4-6/7 are loaded with pivotal players and risks.
  19. I'm hoping this Marte pick doesn't hurt me too much. Uncharacteristic pick for me. There's a lot of guys who I like more but team make up (Bryant/EE) nudged me that way. Hope he runs more.
  20. I modified my settings so I get notifications when I'm tagged.