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  1. Before or after his 2nd annual DL stint? I wish this guy would stay healthy but I also love Steve Pearce as a sleeper this year.
  2. Ivan Nova finishes top 20 P in '17 David Price finishes top 3 SP. Eduardo Rodriguez top 30 Adam Eaton scores 125 runs David Dahl best Colorado fantasy player (over Desmond, Gray, CarGo, Blackmon). Marco Estrada leads SP in WHIP Odor regresses and finishes behind Forsythe and Neil Walker at 2b.
  3. I've never seen anything I liked from him on the field.
  4. I kind of hope he becomes a star.
  5. He's raised his OBP 23 points since 7/9. I'm curious if Tommy Joseph blocks his path.
  6. He's a core piece of their future that needs to be developed at the MLB level before they can contend.
  7. Stein

    AJ Reed - 1B HOU

    For the state of the Astros and their need for AJ Reed: Marwin Gonzalez started today at 1B. 0/4 3Ks Tyler White PH for DH Preston Tucker in the 7th. Singled and HBP. Uninspiring from both 1B and DH pos. today. Both of where Reed fits.
  8. Too long didn't read - Paid Resources: Baseball HQ - Fantasy Forecaster Baseball Prospectus: - Subscription Available - Downloadable Guide - Minor League Subscription Available - Fully Customizable - Full Customizeable The Fantasy Baseball Guide Fantasy 411 FantasyPros USA Today Fantasy Baseball Razzball FantasyRunDown Free-ish: RotoProfessor The Dynasty Guru Fangraphs/Fantasy RosterResource CloserMonkey BaseballReference Podcasts: The Sleeper and the Bust Baseball HQ radio Flags Fly Forever Cbs fantasy baseballl today ESPN Fantasy Focus Baseball Short Hops Rotowire Fantasy Baseball Dear Mr Fantasy Fantasy Baseball Insider Podcast ITL Fantasy Baseball RAZZBALL
  9. Haven't had it in a couple of years - have they prevented the log in from multiple locations? If not, I'm splitting it with my buddies.
  10. That's an interesting perspective - I'm listening for informational purposes but if you're looking for the entertainment aspect then you may be in the wrong place. With these podcasts, most guys tend to warm up to each other's ideas and even sometimes flip their opinion but I agree they don't challenge each other enough. Then again, we are expecting a lot from guys who do fantasy baseball podcasts...
  11. This is probably my all time favorite rotoworld post by someone making their first post. Couldn't agree more on all. I think I'd put HQ over FFF, but they are pretty equal to me. I've listened to HQ for longer and am a fan of the forecast and stuff, so maybe a little biased there Didn't necessarily rank them because I listen to all three. Best part of my day is pouring that coffee at 11:30 am and refreshing my podcasts.
  12. Podcasts are my go to - I jot down some notes as I listen along and then review when making my final rankings but the biggest thing is trusting the source. I honestly think that if you are so much as reading the roto forums then you have no need for the ESPN podcasts. I don't want to sound like an elitist but it's overly basic and corny. You can spend your 40 minutes elsewhere and actually get useful information. 1. Fangraphs - The Sleeper and the Bust 2. Flags Fly Forever 3. Baseball HQ Radio They are my three. I haven't paid for any information, ever, but the rave reviews from some of these websites and guides are tempting.