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  1. Could have used that Reynaldo Lopez win!
  2. Nomar Mazara's doubles are becoming home runs...
  3. Might have been best scenario if they can secure the win for him. Nice to see him get this deep into games.
  4. I would love to have the problems you guys complain about. Lol
  5. He's not going to do you any favors with your WHIP ratio but he's a high K upside guy [despite his lack of k's recently as you mentioned]. I'm dealing with some SP injures [Kershaw and Darvish] so it's a gamble I have to take. The smart play is to completely avoid this guy. His start to the season seemed to be the outlier and not the expectation. However, I'm glutton.
  6. That's a personal question. Lol Rolling out Reynaldo Lopez today myself.
  7. As a Kershaw owner - I can confirm this was not possible. I tried.
  8. Of Peacock, Devenski, and Giles - Hinch went with Will Harris. Gets to a point where they over manage.
  9. Ryan Zimmerman going to turn a corner?
  10. It's like you know my team lol. I benched Yonder today.
  11. BABIP and Batted Ball %s are much more useful in my opinion.
  12. Love when Jose Ramirez is out when the Indians explode
  13. I'm trying to corner saves every way I can. Currently very behind the pace there. Plus some ratio help and high k guys. I'll venture down the Hoskins route.
  14. Seems like a parallel move to me. Hope it works out.
  15. Is this just Otani the pitcher or Otani the P/Hitter combo? Either way, I would stay put.
  16. Is there a reason for concern here? What moves should I consider?
  17. Why? Hang on to Godley. Seems like there's less risk.
  18. I'd see if they still don't buy into Charlie Morton since it's a redraft. He's legit.
  19. For your perspective, you should offer that deal.
  20. McCarthy I'd say.
  21. I'd take this deal. Godley is good but you have an insane top 4 already. Ozuna would help your offense more than Godley aids your staff. Hader is awesome, sure, but that's why you're getting this deal.
  22. .164 BABIP 54% Medium Contact, 31.8% Hard Contact Lowest BABIP and Lowest Soft% he's had in about 5 years. I'd say unlucky and this a buy low opp.