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  1. My UTIL and the bottom half of my bench is shaky (a mix of fliers and scraps) but that's the price I paid for the SP I nabbed. I'm not confident in those guys you mentioned either. There should be dome emergence in the first week or two while things are figured out. Definitely not hesitant to cut bait, especially with Thames. Thank you both!
  2. It feels like I got a lot of the same players without a big power punch in there. We'll see how that transpires. One of my bigger concerns. Jose Ramirez, Bregman, Taylor, Benintendi, Cain
  3. I'm going Buxton. Hype train is real on Kingery but who knows what his ABs will be. Love the skillset that Bux brings.
  4. I haven't seen a lineup put out for the Phillies so I'm not sure about Kingery today.
  5. Short rosters so I would have loaded up on more offense. Saves+Holds is huge here with your RP. Nice all around.
  6. 5x5 Roto - 12 Team. Let me know your thoughts! Batters: C: Mike Zunino 1B: Matt Olson 2B: Jose Ramirez 3B: Jake Lamb SS: Alex Bregman MI: Chris Taylor CI: Yonder Alonso OF: Benintendi, Cain, Mazara, Eaton, Bruce UTIL: Thames, Neil Walker P (10 Active Slots): Kershaw Nola Darvish Giles Neris Devenski Fulmer Happ Odorizzi Claudio Bench (Went all Pitchers): Gohara GMarquez ReyLopez Jimenez Melancon Eduardo Rodriguez(DL)
  7. Not sure the dynamics of your leagues but knowing who you're drafting with is always huge obviously. Tendencies, 'their guys', etc. But also a big advocate for taking your guy. ADP and preseason rankings are just a nice way to put all of the players in front of you. I don't let it dictate who I draft.
  8. Hate having 1st - aside from Trout - or any back to back pick. Have to reach on guys I want (Otani) and can't get the sliding values (Blackmon). I feel like I've compiled a pile of players rather than built a team to this points. Love what @tonycpsu has done. Paired some serious power with speed - got an ace and a high K guy in Ray. Not much more you can ask for up until this point. A lot of RP left plus turnover at RP will enable him to build there. 1B Wil Myers 2B Robinson Cano 3B Jose Ramirez OF Mike Trout P Mad Bum P Kimbrel P Otani Really hoping for Khris Davis there.
  9. You have some high hopes of guys still being there in the 4th. Jeffery and Tate have been going sooner (in 12 tm ppr)
  10. What makes you lean DJ over Bell? I also have first pick and kind of struggling to decide.
  11. Strategy in standard should be 2 RB in the first three rounds at least.
  12. Dahl overtakes Tapia without a doubt. Reynolds is pushed to situational and off days when Desmond returns. I agree the Rockies should be looking at the SP market for a controllable pitcher. I'd flip Tapia without a doubt for someone. Rockies are in a great position - would love to see them make some win now moves.
  13. I kind of thought this day wouldn't come. Glad it's here.
  14. Over the last three years combined - he's had more HR in August than any other month. I'm slotting him right back in the lineup.
  15. For those monitoring his 'performance' in rehab - allowed one run on two hits and struck out eight over six innings. Most important remains healthy.
  16. I mean I gave you the context in the quote. Why did you use 6 starts - what kind of barometer is that? Also, yes you are spoiled with your pitching if referring to what's in your signature. Not all of us are.
  17. Not really. He's been pretty good as of late.
  18. Completely agree - been a gem in my 14 teamer. Have to add first and ask questions later with leagues of that depth.
  19. Rotowire has him slated for 6/22 @Col and for that reason - he's on my bench.
  20. Was really concerned he'd lose his spot - hope he's here to stay. Has been a nice surprise for deep league, deep rosters.