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  1. Was really concerned he'd lose his spot - hope he's here to stay. Has been a nice surprise for deep league, deep rosters.
  2. Ok perspective time: His ERA today is still good for 26th in the MLB amongst SP. His WHIP today is still for 25th in the MLB amongst SP. His 60 Ks are Top 40. His 6 Wins rank T12th. And he's tied for 14th in IP. Cut Johnny Cueto while you're at it.
  3. 10 day DL for Dallas. Second stint in like 3 weeks.
  4. Immediately added to my watch list.
  5. Feels like RA Dickey a couple years back.
  6. He has Altherr in front of him tonight. His BABIP is super low. Like kind of mean how low it is. I have him. No one else wants him. Can't cut him. All I can do is watch and hope. I have faith.
  7. I mean this was kind of my point - because they're not likely to be 18th in OPS on any given night.
  8. I hate using this logic because it's always changing; game by game and week over week. I'd roll him out. I think everyone should. But it's the expectations that differ.
  9. Are we looking at another Vince Velasquez?
  10. He's given up 3 hits and pitched around Khris Davis twice (2BB). Only Healy has gotten to him (2x) aside from an Alonso single. Tough crowd. SP are tough this year, most people are too quick to cut guys. It's also his 2nd start back from the DL. With the injuries this year, where do you cut a guy with top 65 SP upside? To each their own.
  11. Starting every time out until he proves otherwise. Bounces back well and goes deep after bad early innings. If he can limit damage he's serviceable. Would like to see a k increase here
  12. May (To Date): 25/70 .357 AVG, .516 OBP, 1.144 OPS 17 Runs, 19 RBI, 4 HR, 7 2B ...... 23 Walks, 9 Ks
  13. Absolutely should be rostered at this point.
  14. Try this. Fantasy Pros breaks it down. You can filter by two-start pitchers as well for the weekly lock lineup streams.
  15. It's super encouraging to see this guy continue to bounce back through adversity.
  16. Gave: Stephen Strasburg, Alex Bregman, Delino Deshields Got: Josh Donaldson, Mitch Moreland, Vince Velasquez Gave: Andrew Miller Got: Jake Odorizzi Gave: Ivan Nova, Aaron Altherr Got: Chris Davis, Travis Shaw Gave: Carlos Gonzalez Got: Michael Fulmer
  17. This is weird. Fulmer is set and forget. He's a top 15 starter, and was top 30 last year as well.
  18. I mean you guys make me feel a lot better and I'm 11/14 in my roto league. I came in here to complain about my 5 SPs going tonight - 4 are facing off h2h. And Yoenis isn't ready. Dahl isn't ready. I feel better.
  19. Conveniently picks the start he's in Yankee Stadium... ignoring the 2 whopping HR he's allowed this season in 8 starts.
  20. Probably still too early but once July gets closer I'd consider it.
  21. Rhys Hoskins or Dylan Cozens won't be too long.
  22. He played 63 games last year and contributed. The Rockies have 120 left as we stand. If you're under the impression he won't contribute this year - you'd be a hypocrite if you picked up literally anyone off the waiver wire. It was a wait and see approach from draft day with this guy as far as holding him. How has that changed? Even with Reynolds producing - it's still a wait and see approach. Remember when Parra was a threat?
  23. 'Tweaked' his wrist making a play in the field. Everything reported was 'precaution'. I'd say if he misses more than a game or two it's time to worry. Wouldn't be surprised if he made some weak contact in his return to the lineup if it's really bothering him. I'd be really concerned if he's hitting the ball opposite field since it's his left wrist (lead wrist since he's a RHB). His heatmap indicates he favors the mid-lower inner half of the plate (most RHB do) but to see those balls ground right of 2B would be concerning. Something to keep and eye on rather than worry about for the time being.