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  1. I'm in this league and can vouch for it. Great fun on the message board, draft day coming up on Saturday!
  2. A sixth-year yahoo H2H categories dynasty league needs a replacement manager for a neglected team that’s been banged around like a Houston trash can. 29-man roster, all players kept year to year. Highlights of the roster include: Canha Gallo Sano Kingery Verdugo Snell Glasnow Yates Keller McKay Lowlights include everyone else. This is a free league that prides itself on an active message board with lots of trash talk. It runs FAAB with continuous rolling waivers. Looking for a fun manager who is looking to rebuild with an eye on ‘21.
  3. This is a dynasty league; no draft. All players kept (29 man roster) year to year. This is the sixth year.
  4. I don’t know if I could explain it much better than I did in the first post, where I said it’s a dynasty league with an abandoned team in major need of a rebuild that needs a strong manager looking for a challenge to reconstruct it. if that’s you, let me know.
  5. I run a free Yahoo dynasty 10-team league with an abandoned team in major need of a rebuild. This team is in Mariners-like decline, and needs a strong manager to reconstruct it. The league is in its sixth year, and the message board is very active, with a bunch of goofballs who like to talk trash. If you’re looking for a challenge with a good group of social, active managers, this one is for you. The rebuild starts immediately... the league has been active since yahoo opened up this year, and managers are trading, adding, dropping, etc player highlights include Snell, Glasgow, Gallo, Kingery, Sano, catcher Smith, Yates, Hand, McKay. Lowlights include everything else.
  6. Looks like BigBaller isn’t coming aboard. The opening is still there! Come aboard if you want dynasty challenge with a group of loud, active managers
  7. Message sent. If anyone else would like the full list, I can post it here
  8. I have a sixth-year dynasty Yahoo league with a team that was neglected last year. It's a 10-team head-to-head categories league, all players kept year-to-year. 29-man roster with two NA slots and a total of ten bench slots. It's a continuous rolling waiver system with a FAAB budget that starts at 100 on opening day and is increased weekly through winning and posting on the message boards. Unfortunately, we need a manger who wants to turn a loser into a winner. The highlights on the team are Sano, Kingery, Snell, Glasnow, Yates, Hand. This team needs someone who wants a rebuild challenge. And also someone who likes to talk a lot of trash on the boards. We have an active forum and the guys are all total goofballs who like to talk smack.
  9. I’ve been in this league for about 8 years now and can vouch for both how good it is, and how much nonsense gets posted on the message boards. Everyone is an idiot and we are looking for two more to join the mayhem.