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  1. 16 team super-flex PPR with high scoring IDP on myfantasyleague normal entry is $30 each year 20 and 21, discounted replacement entry of $20 for 2020 additional details email
  2. 12 team dynasty league with PPR, high IDP scoring, super-flex normal entry is $40 discounted to $20 to be paid via Paypal team drafted, additional details email
  3. looking to start a new dynasty league with horror film team themes only 9 teams with PPR, (hi) IDP ... 2 to 3 starting QB super(duper) flex roster and initial draft of 40 players, including rookies, 12 taxi, 12 IR (with liberal settings) 3 divisions of 3 teams, 14 week doubleheader schedule 4 team playoffs weeks 15 and 16 with 3rd place game 24 man starting roster, 11 offense, 2 kicker, 11 defense entry is $35 yearly with 2020 and 2021 upfront via leaguesafe
  4. league filled a couple weeks ago apparently, he just never update message board
  5. actually this is making me check out yahoo again. there's a lot of wacky custom leagues on there.
  6. a lot of leagues on here use the site
  7. you just need to join one where the entry fee isn't under yahoo I'm looking at the custom league list now and the first listed is a $60 PPR league but not "yahoo cash league"
  8. you just have to play outside of leagues that use cash-specific prizes like yahoo, cbs you can pretty much join any league if they use leaguesafe ... you can tell leaguesafe you live anywhere