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  1. Email me at if you want the team
  2. Espn. Full dynasty. Team is nappy dugouts. Use link to check out team and settings. We use groupme for communication. Last year was our inaugural season. We are introducing a deep minor farm team this season. 20-40 players. The slow draft will start fairly soon once we fill this last spot.
  3. Think we might be split... some guys wanting points...
  4. No.. I agree... I would want at least a start cap, or like you said, only 4 pickups a week. Y'all want cats or roto?
  5. It would absolutely be leaguesafe.. so we would have about half right now.. we get a few more and I'll set one up
  6. Well there's 3... let's see if we get any more takers.
  7. Kaiser I'm looking for same thing. I prefer snake draft. Maybe if we got enough interest here, I would throw something together.