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  1. Everybody has paid up except for one owner. We need 1 owner to join us b/c this new guy is taking too long and we draft in 2.5 hours. all info here: msg me or email me: I will send an invite ASAP. Thanks!
  2. Our league is full but 2 newcomers haven’t paid yet. So I’m offering first come first serve basis to anybody who wants to join a great league with highly competitive owners. League Safe All info here: Msg me or email me: Thanks!
  3. Draft Friday 8pm est
  4. Hey guys, Looking for 2 owners who wanna join a good league. League Safe protected as well. If interested, email me. ALL INFO HERE:
  5. Hey Guys! Looking to add a few to fill out a competitive league. Guys are slowly signing in. We started a new Espn page b/c this year we decided to go H2H. Fresh draft. Snake style. Ought to be done in .45-1hr. Email me if you’re interested. or leave a msg here. Thanks!
  6. I got you! Jay
  7. Read your post on Rotoworld. Fresh draft, keepers next year. Check it out. Jay
  8. Need 3 good owners to join the league. Few guys haven’t signed in yet but we’ll be at full capacity by tomorrow evening. Snake Draft WEDNESDAY 9m est League Safe - Majority vote payout. I’ll send you as League Safe link after you sign in. Thanks! My email: