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  1. Hit an absolute rocket of a homer against the Pirates today, hoping the leaned down version of Vladdy takes another step this season. Would still stay away in redrafts at the current price but in a keeper or dynasty I like what I'm seeing from him on the conditioning front going forward.
  2. After tonights starts I'm so happy I held onto him earlier in the year. Could be a real difference maker for the playoffs.
  3. Ho hum just a 4 hit game with an rbi, 3 runs and a steal tonight. This kid makes that lineup go. Excited to see a full season next year.
  4. That's a no from me, you aren't getting enough back in return. If Mike Minor somehow puts you over the top for a potential championship I consider it but giving up Kirilloff in a deep dynasty is a tough pill to swallow.
  5. I can easily see prime numbers of .310 35 110 becoming the norm for Vlad. Lots of things people aren't really taking into account is the lineup around him being very young & pretty awful if I'm honest. The kids should only get better(Gurriel,Guerrero,Biggio,Bichette,Jansen) not to mention whoever else they may add down the road when they're closer to contention. Vlad is probably the youngest everyday player in the league right now(not 100% sure on this but the kid turned 20 in March for crying out loud) His last 30 games after struggling/adjusting more to MLB pitchers he's been going at a .325/.384/.544 clip, I think this could be more his pace moving forward. His peripherals have always been outstanding and he's basically always played above his age. I love that I have him in my dynasty league because I will enjoy that monster production for the next 10+ years as he and that lineup around him in that offensive haven known as the AL East get better.
  6. That 2nd homerun tonight was absolutely destroyed. Big boy is heating up since the all star break.
  7. 12 team H2H points Gave up: Bellinger/Urias Got: Machado/Kershaw/Luke Jackson Had an excess of great 1B with Bellinger/Freeman/Hoskins so used Bellinger to shore up my IF & pitching a bit. Hate giving up Bellinger but helps me going forward.
  8. Just based on positional flexibility I'll take Bellinger since he can play 1B or OF. Both guys are off to absolute monster starts so I don't really think you could go wrong.
  9. So glad I sold my only share of Thor a few days ago. He doesn't look good at all this season. It's early so maybe he figures it out but for the price paid to draft him he's just not worth it. Not even close.
  10. To answer the question, you win it pretty easily imo. With the hitters you already have I'd probably prefer to hang onto Cole, doesn't really make much sense to trade your best pitcher for more hitting.
  11. Until a later date the side getting Trout wins the deal 99% of the time, this is no exception. Long term I think Acuna/Vlad are probably 2 of the best 5 players in fantasy but that's probably a few years off still. Since you only get 2 keepers Trout/Bellinger look like absolute locks at this point. Speaking just for this season Trout/Bellinger/Arenado is worth more than all 4 of what you'd get from the other side quite comfortably imo.
  12. I don't like Mikolas that much so I wouldn't want him personally. I think your pitching is strong enough to lose a Sale if it improves you big somewhere else. If it was me I would try to get Benintendi/Albies instead of Ohtani. Sale/whatever for Beni/Albies would help your team lots & your pitching is still anchored by Snell/Glasnow/Flaherty. If you insist on going for one of his arms I might try to buy low on Nola since he's off to a pretty bad start.
  13. If this is a redraft league I like it a lot, Yelich is a beast. In a keeper/dynasty format I think I would prefer the other side, Davis is basically a locked in 40-50 hr's a year & Vladdy seems to be the 2nd coming of Miggy/ManRam. Either way, Yelich is the best player today so it's a win right now.