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  1. H2H points league, which side wins? WHIR
  2. I think that's a bit much to give up for Keenan. Ingram could be playing his last year in NO and could sign somewhere else next year as a bellcow and instant fantasy stud. I'd def try and hold him. Maybe offer Tate, Thompson, Jones first and see where that lands. Help?
  3. Thanks for helping. I like your second offer of trying to upgrade his QB by offering Goff. Giving up Thielen and Brown is too much
  4. I'd do it. So much uncertainty with Conner and I think DJ will be better under new OC. I have a similar Conner trade I am contemplating:
  5. I am being offered Cam Newton, Keenan Allen, Carlos Hyde, and Lamar Miller for Conner and Julian Edelman. .5 PPR Team comp: QB: Stafford, Dalton RB: Ingram, Saquon, Conner WR: AJ, John Brown, Tre'Quan, Edelman I'd basically be upgrading my QB and swapping my flex from Conner to Keenan Allen, but like everyone else, dont know if I should take it because his value could be zero or stand pat because he's gonna beast. WHIR
  6. Yeah I agree with everything you said. I dropped Giles (who I like but isnt going to get consistent minutes, yet) for him. Think he can be a solid contributer in points and maybe a few rebounds. Blocks would just be a bonus. He was easily the best player on the floor after THJ and Kanter last night. Let's see if he keeps getting minutes.
  7. Correct, but if he balls out they can convert the contract to a regular NBA contract by waiving someone else. Based on the usage he got game 1 and his preseason, it wouldn't surprise me to see the Knicks do this after his 45 days are used up. I am definitely intrigued by this kid. Fiz called him a "walking bucket"
  8. Saw there hasn't been a thread started on him. Undrafted rookie, but looked really good in the preseason, and got 26 min in the opener, posting 15 points 4 rbs, 2 blks. He's technically on a 2 way deal, but Fizdale loves him calling him their best one on one defender and a "walking bucket." That combined with the minutes he got in the opener, makes me think he sticks and has a legit role. How we feeling about his potential? Also...there was this:
  9. I would try and trade AP or Lamar Miller for Sanders, not Howard. I agree with above you should be able to get more
  10. I agree with above. You're getting another stud RB in return plus a massive upgrade at TE. I'd do it.
  11. .5PPR I was offered this deal (I have AJ). This would make me stacked at RB which I am already good at, and would lower my WRs but would look to move one of my RBs for a WR. It would also give me all 3 NE WRs which I don't want so I am hesitant, but on paper looks good. Thought? WHIR. QB: Brees RB: Barkley, Conner, Collins, Burkhead, Powell WR: AJ, Hogan, John Brown, Mike Williams, Edelman (susp) TE: Kittle
  12. Who are your other WRs? I'd probably do it though. Conner is on borrowed time, AJ will be a stud, Help?
  13. nahhhhh dont give up OBJ for Conner dude. I'd maybe try and do a package of like Enunwa/DJax/AP Help me?