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  1. Two teams open! Team A: Keeper options include (partial list; team has a $210 Soft Keeper Cap): $51 Mookie Betts $39 George Springer $26 Ozzie Albies $14 Byron Buxton $15 Jack Flaherty $12 Rhys Hoskins $11 Jose Berrios $10 Luke Weaver $6 Rafael Devers $6 Kirby Yates $5 Lance Lynn $2 Jose Leclerc $1 Alex Kirilloff $1 Wander Franco Also $8 in "Coupons" to discount the arbitration cost increases of any of the team's players Team B: Keeper options include (partial list; team has a $195 Soft Keeper Cap): $47 Jose Altuve $46 Giancarlo Stanton $27 Aaron Nola $8 Kyle Schwarber $4 Max Muncy $4 Mike Soroka $3 Max Kepler $2 Gio Urshela Also $10 in "Coupons" to discount the arbitration cost increases of any of the team's players
  2. Looking for new owners to join an established deep, active, and competitive H2H Points league on Yahoo that is designed to mimic realistic player scoring and roster management! Our Auction Draft will be Sunday, 3/8 at 7pm Eastern (Daylight Savings Day- don't forget to "spring forward!"); upon joining the league you will need to select Keepers ahead of the Draft. Our scoring is based on the FanGraph's "ottoneu" scheme which is meant to more accurately score each player's individual output based on wRC (weighted Runs Created). We also have a divisional-based regular season scheduling setup with divisions being redrawn each season based on the prior season's results; this helps to make for a more competitive schedule for all teams throughout the full regular season. Player inflation costs are managed with an off-season arbitration setup; teams can use their 'year-round' budget surplus with our off-season player "Arbitration" system to increase the price of the other team's players in order to deepen the draft pool each season. If interested, contact me via PM and the league's full details/rules will be provided.
  3. Looking for new owners to fill-out an established 20-team MLB-style league on Yahoo (currently at "Platinum" level ranking). Owners start the year with their chosen MLB team's roster. Beginning on Opening Day, all teams may claim any available player regardless of MLB affiliation. The open teams are: ARI, BAL, CIN, COL, CWS, DET, KC, MIA, MIN, OAK, PHI, SEA, TB, TEX This is a H2H points league. Scoring is derived from the FanGraph's "ottoneu" formula which aims to more closely measure hitters according to their weighted Runs Created (wRC) and pitchers according to their Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP). We also have a divisional-based regular season schedule with divisions re-drawn each year based on the prior season's results; teams play three games vs each of their four divisional opponents plus 10 games vs teams from two of the three other divisions. Playoffs are among the Top 8 teams by record over the final three weeks of the MLB season. We'll be having a pre-season FA Draft on the league message board for the players on the 10 remaining unowned teams once the league is full. Returning owners can choose to trade a comparable draft pick in order to "keep" a player who is on one of the unowned clubs. As a new owner, you would not have the option to choose any 'keepers' but will have one of the Top 3 picks (for the three new owners) in each round. We're an active and deep league with experienced and competitive fantasy owners, and we're looking to add folks who'll contribute to that! Message me if interested...
  4. Looking for an owner to take over the franchise with the most savings in our 16-team league ahead of the auction draft a week from this Sunday / MARCH 10th @ 7pm ET. Here is a link to the roster for the open team. There are no restrictions on keeper selections for the team this year (beyond Yahoo's roster limits). The team has $6 in Arbitration Coupons that can be used to discount the arbitration cost increases listed for any of the players in the link above. Scoring is based on FanGraph's "ottoneu" system, with adjustments made to RP scoring (to better reflect MLB's Pitcher usage of about 2/3 SP-to-1/3 RP). We also have an in-season Free Agent Auction Budget with a four-day per week rolling waiver setup (so FA bids will process on Sat/Sun/Wed/Thu) and a 3-move per week FA transaction limit. And there are just 2 Active SP slots, so teams must actively rotate through their SP's weekly. Together these settings help keep weekly game-play balanced. The league uses Divisional scheduling, where teams play three games vs each divisional opponent and one game vs all other opponents. Divisions are re-aligned each year based on the prior season's results, so that teams will play more games against similarly weighted clubs. Playoffs are for the Top 8 teams by regular season record over the final three weeks. This helps keep the competitive balance of the league in-check each season, with all teams having a chance at the playoffs. We use an offline economic system that tracks each club's savings (called 'bonus cash') from things such as the draft/free agency, keeper selections, and arbitration coupons. Teams may use their savings as a cap bonus (when selecting keepers), a buyout reserve (for when they release players chosen as keepers during the season), and as arbitration allocations to other teams players (to increase their cost for the next year). Our "Bonus Cash" system has been effective over the years at maintaining the long-term economic balance of the league. This is an excellent and active league with some very good and competitive owners, and we just need one more to fill us out for 2019! DM me if interested. Thanks for reading..
  5. We're in need of a replacement owner for the Colorado Rockies in our 20-Team MLB-themed H2H Points league on Yahoo! This is our fourth season and we're a Platinum Level league with Yahoo's rating system (or the overall average of the league's managers places us in the "95th-98th percentiles" for competition among Yahoo leagues.. supposedly). If you're not a Rockies fan, it's still possible for you to switch to a different open team next year (though choices are limited). We have 25-Man rosters plus 5 NA and 5 DL spots; you'll have the rights to all of the Rockies' players up to Opening Day. After Opening Day, all FA/Waiver'd players may be claimed by any team. Players that are on the 10 unowned MLB teams may be drafted in a four-round pre-season FA Draft on the league's message board, or they may be "kept" (if a team owned them at the end of last season) in exchange for a FA Draft Pick. The potential "Keepers" for the Rockies this year are: OF Billy Hamilton (in exchange for the team's 2nd Round Pick); and one of UT Niko Goodrum, SP AJ Puk, SP Jalen Beeks, & SP Tyler Mahle (for the team's 4th Round Pick).. but you can also decide not to keep those players and instead keep your draft picks and look to land better players in the draft. We also have Divisional Play; there are four divisions of five teams each, where each team plays their divisional opponents for three games and ten teams from two of the other divisions once (or all teams do not play all the teams in one of the divisions). Playoffs are the Top 8 teams by record (Division Winners do not earn an automatic bid), and Divisions are re-drawn each year based on the regular season finishes of the prior season. The Rockies are in the "easiest" division this year, in that they won't be playing against the highest scoring teams from last year- so your odds will be slightly better that you could make a playoff-run. Our scoring is based on a derivative of FanGraph's "ottoneu" style; where Hitters are designed to mirror their wRC (weighted Runs Created) output and Pitchers score more according to their FIP (Fielding Independent Pitching). I say derivative in that Pitching categories are tweaked somewhat to better reflect MLB's usage of Pitchers (where two-thirds of IP are done by SP's and one-third by RP's). We also have a FA Acquisition limit of 3/Week and a four-day per week rolling waiver FA period to keep streaming in check, and only 2 active SP roster slots (so teams are forced to actively manage their SP rotation for each matchup period). If interested, message me here. I'm hoping to find another competitive and experienced manager to add to our excellent group of owners! Thanks for reading!
  6. Still searching for an owner for the Rangers! Deep, active, more "realistic" league just needs one more..
  7. Looking for someone to take over the Texas Rangers in a deep 20-team MLB-style league on Yahoo. Owners start with their chosen team's MLB roster, but all teams are free to add any available player from the FA pool now that the season has started. The Rangers also have SP Jacob deGrom, 1B Justin Bour, and RP Kirby Yates. We have divisional play where teams play 12 divisional games (three vs each divisional foe) plus 10 inter-divisional games (one vs all the teams in two other divisions). The Rangers are in the "weakest" division- or the teams which won't be playing the five highest scoring owners from last season. Divisions are re-drawn each year based on the prior season's results. How many other 20-team leagues do this? Scoring is derived from the FanGraph's ottoneu game. Hitters are scored more according to their wRC (weighted Runs Created) while Pitchers are scored with factors derived from their FIP (Fielding Independent Pitching)- although the pitching side is tweaked a bit to balance the league's overall scoring output. The idea is that players and teams score more according to their individual performance's actual "run value". We also have several measures to limit streaming. In addition to our balanced scoring/roster settings, we also have just 2 active SP slots (and no all-purpose P slots)- so owners are forced to actively rotate their SP's and sometimes are faced with days when managers need to pick which 2 of three or four SP's to play. There's also a 3 FA move/week limit with a 4-day/week continuous waiver setup, so any attempt at streaming needs to be measured with the owner's overall team strategy as well as the MLB schedule. This is a very unique, active, and deep league! Our league is rated "Gold" by Yahoo's new Rating system- we have two owners with "Diamond" ratings, four "Platinum's", 9 "Golds", one "Silver", and three "Bronze" level owners (excluding the Rangers); 16 owners returned for our third season this year- pretty darn good for a 20-team league! Hit me up if you have any interest in making us complete by taking over the Rangers!
  8. Blue Jays and Cubs have been claimed! Help us fill our last spot! Open teams: BAL, CWS, CIN, DET, KC, MIA, NYM, OAK, PIT, SD, SEA, TB
  9. This league is on Yahoo!- it's a 20-team H2H league (25-man Rosters + 5 DL + 5 NA) with a unique scoring setup that is derived from the FanGraphs/ottoneu formula. I have one immediate opening likely two additional openings after tomorrow. You'll select an MLB team that is unowned in the league and start with that team's rosters. Prior to the season we'll have a four-round message board draft of the players on the 10 unowned MLB teams. Owners who stay after their first season may also select players on any of these 10 unowned teams as Keepers in exchange for a Draft Pick provided that they owned them at the end of the prior season. We'll play a 22-week regular season schedule with a three-week playoff seeded by overall H2H record. Schedules will be 12 divisional games (three against each divisional foe) plus 10 inter-divisional games. With four divisions of five teams each, this means teams will not play regular season games against one division. Divisions are re-drawn each season based on the prior season's results (5 Highest Points, 5 Lowest Points, 5 Best Win% of remaining teams, 5 Worse Win% of remaining teams) with the scheduling set up so that the Highest Scorers don't play the Lowest Scorers, and the Best Win% teams don't play the Worse Win% teams. We also use just 2 Active SP's slots as a natural limit on Pitcher scoring. This means that regular activity in rotating your pitchers is crucial. There is also a 28 IP minimum requirement per matchup; failing to reach this will forfeit the team's pitching points for the week and will be an "Activity Strike" on the owner (three strikes and the owner is out). And we use a four-day continuous waiver process- so FA claims will only process on Sundays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays- with the player becoming available to your team the next day (so Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun)- with a 3 FA claim per week limit. The league is free, very active, and rare for it's style and I'm hoping to add some quality folks to an already strong group of owners! Current Open Teams: Baltimore Orioles Chicago Cubs Chicago White Sox *Cincinnati Reds *Detroit Tigers Kansas City Royals Miami Marlins New York Mets Oakland Athletics Pittsburgh Pirates San Diego Padres Seattle Mariners Tampa Bay Rays Toronto Blue Jays * Likely open teams if I do not hear from the managers by tomorrow If you'd be interested in joining, contact me on here or e-mail at!
  10. (continued from above) RP's: Bowman, Leclerc, Lyons, Petit, Barnes Hitters: Freddie Freeman, Justin Upton, Nelson Cruz, AJ Pollock, Jose Bautista, Andrelton Simmons, Pedroia, Gregorius, Forsythe, Chisenhall, Grichuk, Haniger, Duda, Flowers, Chirinos, Dom Smith Our Arbitration period runs through the end of the year. 240 of the highest-scoring players have an automatic arbitration increase, but you're also allowed to allocate up to $2 per player and $5 per team to any other team's players. You're also limited by your "Bonus Cash" balance, which tracks your franchise team's savings over time (e.g., amount saved on the in-season FAAB). Your Bonus Cash also determines your individual team's soft keeper cap ($135 league cap + your available/after-arbitration balance); you may keep up to your cap in costs without penalty, but any amount kept over your team's cap is a tax against your draft budget. We also have Arbitration Coupons, which you may use to discount any player's arbitration increase. Coupons are awarded based on final points standings, divisional winners, and highest scores per week. Express earned $6 in Coupons and currently has a $21 Bonus Cash balance - however, I will give $23 back to the new owner as the prior owner didn't understand he could save FAAB dollars and dropped $24 on Gohara at the end of the season. We're an active and competitive league with some unique and deep features, and we'll be starting an optional $25 Buy-In with LeagueSafe next season! Please leave me a PM if you're interested!! Thanks for checking us out!!!
  11. Looking for 1 replacement owner to take over ahead of next season. Our Arbitration period ends at the end of the year, so you'll have a chance to impact player costs ahead of our auction draft next March! We are a 16-Team H2H points league with a 3-to-1 Divisional-to-Inter-Divisional schedule during the season. Our scoring is derived from FanGraphs ottoneu points structure (with adjustments made to relief pitching to reflect bullpen usage in the big leagues). The league is on Yahoo; check us out here. The open team is Express. Here is the roster (taken from our league's Arbitration spreadsheet): SP's: deGrom, Strasburg, Syndergaard, Greinke, Fulmer, Gio Gonzalez, Jack Flaherty, Ryu, Harvey, Matz, Gohara