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  1. Interested if you still have a spot mineedham@bendbroadband.com
  2. Interested mineedham@bendbroadband.com
  3. I would like to give it a go. I think I’ve played in one of your leagues in the past. Mike Needham. Usually Bend Oregon Brewers. Please send me an invite. Thanks mineedham@bendbroadband.com
  4. Very interested please send me an invite. Thanks mineedham@bendbroadband.com
  5. I’m interested. mineedham@bendbroadband.com
  6. Had it filled then a guy just bailed. Need the last spot filled. Draft Sunday 6pm pacific.
  7. Still looking for owners. 3rd year fun league with deep rosters. 12 starters, 5 bench. Let’s do this! Email me if you have inquiries or would like an invite. mineedham@bendbroadband.com