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  1. Depends on what one expected. He flat out SUCKED in that month. Hit 2 bombs i believe, though probably more luck than skill.
  2. Reed. what a big disappointment. Maybe 2017 is a better year for him.
  3. AAAA pitcher. Seemingly has been forever for this dude to actually succeed in the bigs.
  4. Do not fear. Remember he is now coming back from. A hammy pull. This guy is a BEAST. A beast? Hyperbole running rampant. He's simply not progressed as would a beast.
  5. Rapidly Losing interest for this season. And losing trade value in my league.
  6. Dude is turning into the biggest prospect bust of 2016. Have a feeling he will be useless this season.
  7. But he isn't hitting all that well in AAA. What makes you think he will hit well in MLB?
  8. What did Reed have for lunch today?
  9. So we will have an update on every game until he gets called up?
  10. Is it realistic to expect hr every 20 ab? And hit over .250?
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