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  1. maybe raises him from a consensus early 2nd rounder to maybe late 1st in some leagues? i.e. Gronk/Graham status 2014ish.
  2. Will be making the welcome change from team DST to IDP in my main league - what's the common way to execute? DL LB CB/S? One or two "flexs" ?
  3. Thanks for the warning bro. Who'd you bench for?
  4. Well what was your process? each person had a start sit that lead to Boone being in the flex. I was getting blown out before the Sunday games even started so my team's start/sit was Boone or Bell. I knew Bell was most likely not going for 20+ in the Jets O and Boone was an unknown and slated to get the "majority" of work on a "good team". He had a higher probability of falling in for 2 tds. I needed the upside, the risk was high, it didn't pay off.
  5. man I just tried to think of rankings but it's too soon. I will say I'm out on Zeke as a top 5 pick the OL is aging out he's got a ton of touches on him while Pollard looked electric. There's going to be a new HC and I can deff see a 70/30. Unpopular opinion since he just won people titles but I think Aaron Jones is prime to get overdrafted, 20 touchdowns on the season, just feels like you'll be drafting him at his ceiling albeit he could produce more regularly vs spikey (if touches balance out etc). alright see you guys in April
  6. I manage a team with a friend (big pot ..24 members 12 teams) and we typically create a draft list before we start
  7. Drafting one of the worst teams in the history of fantasy but through hardwork and dedication (definitely not luck) got myself a bye and a trip to the final ..to only get blown out by the CMC owner who autodrafted him 3 years ago (keeper league) But yeah never give up on your team, have a little patience, and know when you're wrong..
  8. Ironically Aaron Jones was once a 3rd string back up
  9. Was down by 45 with Boone and Bailey vs Jones... at least I finished The Witcher on Netflix
  10. Looking forward to April to Week 1 ...the best stage of fantasy football
  11. this and the laughing Jordan gif are my favorites
  12. Just stopping by to say how nice it is to have already been blown out in fantasy prior to this game
  13. Another year where I'm sporting 80% waiver wire players so auto drafting sounds great to me
  14. In true fantasy football fashion my worst team won it all, thanks to Kenyan The Drake.