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  1. not if he plans to use him like he did Terry (or Crowder) - I just checked the WRs for the Redskins since 2014 and the list is pretty horrific, looking at a declining Garcon and an often injured DeSean Jackson. If Gruden falls in love with Chark (like he did with Terry in the preseason) it will be v good for fantasy.
  2. can't wait to draft him and drop him week 3 for the 4th yr in a row
  3. Duke Johnson going to end up a league winner
  4. I like the initial list, I do think ARob ends up in T3 and Scary Terry + Reagor Targaryen in T5, there are so many good WRs .
  5. For real, his QB + opportunity will net him the rookie WR1 title
  6. Brutal day time game which was supposed to be a fantasy gold mine for all players involved #neverforget #neverforgive
  7. Legatron should be kicking for a top 5 O this year (Cowboys) and over half of his games are inside, time for the king to return to K1 status.
  8. I'd like him on DET, that O is underrated and KJ would thrive as a COP with Fournette pounding the rock.
  9. DJ getting traded to Houston ..unleash the Drake
  10. the JAG Williams to seal it ...at least McCoy gets a ring
  11. as an Eagles fan I'm happy to see Andy in the SB again as a gambler that had $200 on the Titans winning the SB ...such is life
  12. They didn't pay him all that money to be second string or split carries ......wait what
  13. maybe raises him from a consensus early 2nd rounder to maybe late 1st in some leagues? i.e. Gronk/Graham status 2014ish.
  14. Will be making the welcome change from team DST to IDP in my main league - what's the common way to execute? DL LB CB/S? One or two "flexs" ?
  15. Thanks for the warning bro. Who'd you bench for?