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  1. Same boat as you. I would rather lose with Rodgers than someone else, I am starting with confidence as a top 8 play this week
  2. Got a bye 1st round but will need a QB in week 15 Scoring (-1 per INT, FL, 4 per TD pass, 6 per rush, 1 pt per 25 pass/10 rush) Ryan Tannyhill v.s. Houston Ryan FItzpatrick @ NY Giants
  3. PPR flex LeSean McCoy vs Raiders Devante Parker vs Eagles
  4. Not drinking the Kool-Aid today, anyone else? Darnold may end the day behind lots of other QB's
  5. Someone explain how he does not have 250/2 this week vs Giants
  6. Tough call here, all dart throws to be honest but gimme Goedert, his targets and what the game flow should look like. Me thinks 5 catches is the floor
  7. Gotta go with Moore here dude!
  8. Only positive points.....4 per pass, 6 rush and 1 pt per 25 yards throws, 10 rush Looking for floor of 18 points or more, do not need a 20 point day (lol would be nice though....) Ryna Tannehill vs Jags Sam Darnold vs Raiders Jeff Driskel @ Redskins Fitmagic @ Browns
  9. TY Yeh, Cook blows even when healthy so he so the drop
  10. Yup Brown has a better floor based on volume but I just do not like this Denver match up at all! I mean Brown will have 5 catches or so but I think 10-11 points maybe. Metcalf is the play here. With Hollister now getting looks over the middle you bet your bottom Metcalf will haul in a deep one or 2 on top of a few more. Really like him over Brown this week for 5-6 catches but with more yards and higher shot at a TD in my estimation
  11. Coleman without question. If you have watch the GB games they get gashed in the run game and Coleman may not be a bell cow but dude only needs one hole to knock off a huge one Scarbrough based on usage and match up. Should be a solid 10-12 pts at a minimum Tough for the final one but I go with Murray and hope for a TD (30% chance IMO) because I just DO NOT trust ROJO today or ever!! Good luck dude!
  12. Samuals based on match up, situation and usage, you just cannot bench any RB vs Cincy let a long a guy with so may targets in the pass game