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  1. Eliecer Hernandez, I expect his ERA goes aligned with his WHIP.
  2. Tucker is blocked to play Astros outfield, while Alvarez will be their DH or 1B. So I think it's more on how much leach White has, than Tucker hitting up.
  3. Eovaldi to IL, who is first in line in Boston minors? Hernandez had a great ST.
  4. He is the best hitter in that line up, they will need to move thing around soon.
  5. He will start the year with mlb team. Service time should not be a concern. He will have a IP limit for the year, so they will send him to the minors later in the year. Or I am missing something?
  6. The continued devaluation of the "closer."
  7. Jeff McNeil, I hope his bat force them to play him every day. Will earn LF eligibility soon.
  8. I really like Trivino, however with Soria and Rodney. Do you see Trivino having holds opportunities?
  9. .280 AVG during last month, not bad. But 0 stolen bases, why he stop running?
  10. No news would be good news? I hope so.
  11. Pretty good first inning today. Awful in the second. He could not throw a strike.
  12. Could Maddon build a logic batting order???? Well they are the WS Champs, so that is not going to happened...
  13. Came as the 26th man for the two games yesterday. But he is still in the line up today. Would he stay?