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  1. Rotochamp has him leading off apparently. Is he the guy to own or is it senzels job to lose at the top of the order?
  2. What are the chances he returns to the closer role?
  3. What are expectations this season?
  4. Hey Folks, Commissioner of a 12 team keeper league here. We have been using ESPN the last 5 years, but with the new roll out last season, we had some issues that were unacceptable to our league. I was hoping someone could direct me toward a platform that solves our following problems: Pitcher weekly start limit. We have a strict 12 start limit per weekly matchup, but with ESPN's current layout, people can start more than that if they have not reached the start limit before that Sunday. Commissioner manual matchup editing. In the case stated above, there were times that the start limit was exceeded, but as commissioner, I did not have the ability to remove extra starts from matchups once games started that day. It affected total season long standings. No Trading Block im sure there are other things ive forgotten, but those were the big ones. Any sites where those arent issues? Thanks
  5. 12 team PPR $100 budget I have Cam as my main QB but an owner just dropped Ryan. Gonna drop Jimmy g for him but don't know how much to bid. I'm hoping $38 gets it done. Thoughts? Hes one of 5 players over 50% owned. Marquise Brown went for 32, malcolm brown went for 20 and Ross went for 21
  6. The top 4 rbs seem to have more upside at the moment but I think ballage ends the season stronger
  7. Cam side and you don't have to worry about the AB SA thing
  8. I would go hockensen, hardman, then andrews
  9. 12 team standard league(non-ppr) Would you offer cooks and murray for Cooper? I have murray, breida, and Jackson as my RB4,5,6. Don't expect them to play behind chubb, cook, or carson. My WRs are Cooks, Lockett, Gordon, Fuller
  10. Punting QB in a super flex is a bold strategy, but I think you got a top 14 combo. Almost too strong at RB. I'd look to move Gordon, even though its selling low. The keeper aspect will help you retain decent value though I'd hope
  11. I would go Conner Bell but it's hard not to think about Conner Brown
  12. You're loaded at WR which is great for your format. Love carson this year, think he gets a huge workload. This is also Henry's best format which makes him more appealing as a #2
  13. Great QBs and RBs so you're gonna have to have a weak spot at wr and you're not even that needy. I'd drop hyde for the hot new receivers each week until 1 sticks
  14. All your starters are top notch. You are built to win now, which isnt a bad thing. I don't have to tell you at this point about Cohen. Sutton may fill that spot. The Luck news sucks obviously and you have to take that on the chin unfortunately, but Dak has seemed to be pretty promising in regards to a high floor over his first few years in the league. I think you have a good start. Championships are won on the wire though, right? Thanks for the help on mine
  15. Appreciate your thoughts! I think my wrs are almost all boom or bust and while I am optimistic with the upside of them, i will live and die by them every week. Was pretty pumped to pair brees and winston though