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  1. This league will work this way: We are going to have two divisions, hereafter referred to as “Teams” or individually as “Team”; the teams will have eight squads each, here after referred to as “Managers” or individually as “Manager”.The teams will face off every week.At the end of the week, the team with the highest number of winning managers gets one (1) pointIf at the end of the match-up the result is a tie, each team gets half (0.5) a point.Four managers will make the Playoff; best two managers of each team.The team with the highest winning number of managers gets 3 points and those points will be added to the accumulated amount of points throughout the season.Best manager from each team advances to the World Series.The team that wins it will get 5 points.In the event of a tie, the team with the best overall record wins the leagueTRADES:Trades will be allowed between managers no matter if they are between opposing managers or teamsTrades during playoffs and World Series will be allowed only between managers of the same team. Link to the league: https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league?leagueId=427014 Join Now!
  2. please, consider my email for an invitatio: estrategadominicano(at)gmail.com
  3. estrategadominicanoatgmail.com I am active, been around for long can't recall but I think I've been around since 2005 but I0ve been just twice a champ.
  4. i'll be glad to join! estrategadominicano@gmail.com
  5. Send invite here: estretagadominicano@gmail.com one question, Can I have Sid Vicious on the NXT league?
  6. send an invite to this Domincan boy at estrategadominicano@gmail.com