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  1. we have 11 owners secured and paid up... just need one more to complete the 12... let me know if you'd like the last place. cheers
  2. snake draft is sat 1900 est... long running league has 1 remaining place... $50 leaguesafe pls let me know if interested!
  3. one final place remains... email me for it if interested!
  4. randy has joined us which is owner #11... invite was sent earlier today to another owner, but not taken it yet, so if anyone wants to jump in there and can claim the last place by joining the league and paying into leaguesafe, the place is yours. pls email me if interested.. cheers!
  5. can u email me so i can send an invite... for anyone else interested... as of now, there are two places remaining. i have sent out an invite earlier but not been taken up yet, so its first come first serve to enter the league and pay $50 into our leaguesafe ! cheers!
  6. snake draft is sat 1900 est... long running league has 2 places... $50 leagusafe pls let me know if interested!
  7. just an fyi... emerson joined our league last year and basically ruined it. drafted altuve 2nd and then traded him 2 days after the draft, and we had to get rid of him and give him his $50 back. guy wasnt afraid to deal out a lot of abuse to me and the rest of the league either. sorry, appreciate u dont want to hear that now, but i saw his email address here and it made me laugh..
  8. HI... ive sent an invite... pls dont join if you dont feel comfortable.. i guess it means you can change your roster whenever you want rather than once a week... but streaming pitchers on a daily basis will almost certainly result in disappointment as all the best pitchers will be on rosters, not waivers... however, there will always be a few gems hiding in waivers so its a case of spotting them and grabbing them when they come along... pls make the choice best for you... and if it is to join us, you are v welcome!
  9. sorry, but we are going with standard setting of daily moves... you are welcome to join us, but be quick if you choose to because i think i literally have just 1 space left... thks!
  10. draft has been moved to 815 est... we have a few places left but going fast... cheers brendan
  11. league is taking shape... drop me an email if interested in one of the last few places... cheers...
  12. things moving pretty quick with this league!... only started up last night and we already have 8 out of 12 places filled... for the remaining 4 places drop me an email if interested