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  1. Any thoughts on this guy going into the season? I've read he will come up mid 2020.
  2. Jor357

    The next acuña

    Rusney Castillo , Kevin Maitan , A.J. Reed , Alex Reyes . Grab off waivers ASAP
  3. I do . Stats aside his fastball looks alive.
  4. Dude has looked good this spring . Anyone buying ?
  5. I would have much rather you said Mcmahon and be done . Everything after you said McMahon was junk . That’s why I came at you . Say McMahon and move on OR say mcmahon and back it up with facts. You attaching some reporter blurb and then saying the “it’s not even close “ is a junk hot take . You mentioned playing time ? Makes zero sense . You mentioned hard hit rate - makes a bit of sense BUT Lowe is no slouch . Next time you have no idea about two comps just say Mcmahon and move on .
  6. I’m not saying he’s not a good guy just saying the analysis is a bit shallow .
  7. Playing time ? Who is playing over Lowe , Wendle lmao . Dude your analysis is all over the place . Both are solid players but your reasoning for “mcmahon and it’s not close “ isn’t convincing at all if you have watched or know anything about either player .
  8. Have you ever looked at hitting stats for Lowe? Mike Trout - 11.0 Brls/PA % (3rd), 22.2 degree LA (5th), 44.1 SwSp % (3rd), 116.6 MPH Max EV (10th), 90.7 MPH AVG EV (53rd) Brandon Lowe - 9.2 Brls/PA % (17th), 18.7 degree LA (31st), 40.2 SwSp % (27th), 114.3 MPH Max EV (41st), 91.1 MPH AVG EV (37th) he’s not Trout but he’s no bum .
  9. So many different opinions haha that’s why I’m stuck .
  10. 10 team dynasty . In need of a backup 2b . Who you guys taking ?
  11. I think he def cracks the rotation considering there are two spots open .
  12. A guy not many are talking about considering he’s probably going to open the year in the Yankee rotation . Has looked good this Spring so far after coming off TJ two years ago .