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  1. Thanks for the advice guys. Seems like at the least I'll be holding Gibson and his high ceiling.
  2. I'm the dissenter. I'd hold Julio. Prefer him and Akers. Help you can:
  3. I'd actually go Schultz and Hilton. Don't love any of the options, but think these two provide the best floor. Little help with mine, if you could:
  4. I'd grab Harris. He's not sexy, but fills your Kelley role nicely. Little help with mine:
  5. In my 10 team standard league, I've been offered Chris Godwin for my Antonio Gibson and Joshua Kelley. I was thinking of countering with Mostert and Kelley. Little worried about how much of a timeshare SF backfield will be with McKinnon and eventually Coleman. Thoughts? Here's my RBs and WRs: Kamara, Henry, Mostert, Gibson, Kelley, Akers Metcalf, Moore, John Brown WHIR
  6. Definitely pass. I like your top 4 better than Godwin and not buying the Drake breakout coming.
  7. I'd pass. No trust in RoJo once Fournette is back on the 18th.
  8. I'd prefer the 1st trade. Ingram won't be a league winner. Gibson could be.
  9. I'd definitely roll with TY. Hurst may get some more looks if Jones is out, but still feel his ceiling is much lower than TY. Little help with mine if you could...
  10. Been offered a trade in my 10 team, non-PPR league. I've been offered: I receive: Mixon and Diontae Johnson I send: Moore, Mostert, and John Brown My team is: QB: Allen,Burrow RB: Kamara, Henry, Mostert, Akers, Gibson, Kelley WR: Moore, Metcalf, John Brown TE: Ertz, Engram, Gesicki My WRs take a hit, but I'm high on Johnson and this would give me 3 stud RBs. WRs on waivers would be Slayton, Desean, and Gage. Should I hit accept?
  11. Would you definitely be starting Brady? If so, then I'd stay with Lamar. Little help with mine:
  12. I would hold. I think you could get quite a bit more for Cooper. Little help with mine: