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  1. anybody watching houston? think osuna will come out for what is now a save opp? my matchup is so razor thin that if he does it could swing it
  2. I benched him... but it made sense for my matchup. Decent chance he gets out of there with a reasonable line. The sooner Atlanta puts the Nats on ice the better as far as I'm concerned.
  3. I'm going to say no chance whatsoever. AJ is at best 5th on the depth chart. It would take multiple blow ups from multiple guys and him to get called up and dominate in non-save situations for a couple weeks. Job is Melancon's to lose right now. If he stumbles it will go back to Greene or Jackson depending on who has been pitching best most recently.
  4. Greene isn't as good as he was in DET. He also isn't as bad as he's been in ATL. He's in his own head and trying to be too perfect. He needs to relax and trust his instincts a bit more and things ought to even out. Having said that he isn't going to see many if any save chances rest of the regular season. Melancon and Jackson are both in front of him right now IMO.
  5. Same and I'm clueless. I almost feel like they are gonna go back to Jackson with Melancon a close second, but a single outing can and will change things. The only thing I'm reasonably sure about is it won't be Greene. I think Martin is ahead of Greene right now. Can they paint the mound rubber brown? They can go back to Melancon after they do that.... Personally I hope they mix and match and play matchups but...Snitker.
  6. Acuna inching closer to 40/40 with a BB and 2 SB in the 9th
  7. With the rate he's running lately I actually think the HR's are less likely than the SB... 13 SB last 30 days.
  8. Braves piling it on!! añybody thiñk he cañ get to 40/40 THIS year? Just hit #29 and is ruññing like crazy this moñth.
  9. Ouch... Grichuk solo shot. Hopefully McKay can get through the rest of this inning clean and call it a day...
  10. Was worried about my pitching lineup today but this afternoon is going quite well! Rolled out Nova (let's face it.. the tigers are horrible), McKay, Fried and Cole.
  11. A solo HR and a 2B = falling apart?
  12. Yikes 17 categories? Not entirely sure how to evaluate this... in a standard league i would prefer hand but I would imagine McNeil is probably more valuable in your league. If you want to post the league settings I’ll try to make a more intelligent comment. thanks for mine
  13. Which side would you rather have? Team acquiring bell needs a bat. Bell and minor both struggling recently... good buy lows or stay away? Team giving up Bauer/Giolito has deep pitching and team acquiring them does not. 12 team 5x5 h2h