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  1. Zimmer's Fight Club 2020 DEEEEEP fun league, ran it for 5 years, never an issue, one of the funnest leagues I do each year! CBS Commissioner League $350 + $13.99 CBS league fee gets you in Payments as always through league safe + majority rule payout 1st Place - $2100 2nd Place - $1100 3rd Place - $600 4th Place - $400 LIVE Online CBS Draft on March 22nd 7 PM Eastern Time Full control of draft so we can pause, back up, etc if issue comes up 12 Owners No Divisions Rotisserie Scoring 5x5 (AVG/HR/RBI/RUNS/SB) (ERA/WHIP/WINS/SO/SV) First Come First Serve FA system Unlimited Unlimited trades voted on my league, 4 max objections (If 5 is reached trade is posted in RW forum for non bias review, 7 strangers posts will determine the trade outcome) Rosters Catcher First Base Second Base Middle Infielder Shortstop Third Base Corner Infielder Outfield, Outfield, Outfield, Outfield, Outfield Utility Pitcher, Pitcher, Pitcher, Pitcher, Pitcher, Pitcher, Pitcher, Pitcher, Pitcher Bench, Bench, Bench, Bench, Bench, Bench, Bench, Bench, Bench DL, DL, DL
  2. I would go Waller no matter the format mate Good luck!
  3. SOOOOO afraid to bench cheese head this week. I have another top option in Tannehill but my gut says Rodgers is going to kick A this week! Bears pass D good but I think overrated Daniel Jones looked good, Goff did not, but he has not all year nor did he look good vs his previous opponent nor after Chicago Prescott looked great last week, could have easily had 350/2 vs Bears So why is Rodgers not going to have 250+ and 2-3 TD's this week?
  4. Sorry about that. Deebo or Kirk. Coin toss honestly but maybe lean Deebo with game flow prediction
  5. TE, Goedert, safe floor upside of 15-17, go with him Scary Terry at WR, hope for the best and what SHOULD be, and that is 80 and a TD
  6. I own Tanny, if I owned Prescott I would be starting him over Tanny...... Goff is an easy choice here for me. More volume, gonna have 2 TD's at least, start with confidence
  7. Waller and Hooper are neck in neck in my ranks but give the slight nod Waller, I think he has more receptions to
  8. I like Eli this week, top 15 but trust Goff more to get you 250/2 to be honest
  9. Yeh you gotta go with the safe floor and high ceiling of Kupp here
  10. PPR Laird vs Gmen Boston Scott vs Skins James White vs Bengals
  11. I like Hill and White if you mean James White All close for me but I think Mack ends the day with like 80 yards couple grabs and nothing else
  12. Forced to look ahead in my home league Gonna need a QB for week 12, if I do not add them today I may miss one altogether Also we HAVE NOT DEDUCTIONS for interceptions or fumbles lost Kyle Allen @ Saints Mitch Trubisky vs Giants Fitzmagic @ Browns Darnold @ Raiders
  13. PPR Josh Reynolds @ Steelers Darisu Slayton vs Jets (Engram out....) AJ Brown vs Chiefs Taylor Gabriel vs Lions
  14. Gore will be lucky to have 8-10 points as a ceiling so by deduction I go with Johnson
  15. Own Buffalo vs CLE this week but worry it will be a dud with CLE playing it safe and the Bills seem a little asleep at the wheel Steelers on my wire and with there weeks 11-13 schedule Browns , Bengals, Browns I would love to add them but Steelers play Rams this week What do you think? My league DOES NOT count PA or YA
  16. Tanny! Dude is gonna have 250/2 easy I like that floor
  17. In a 1 QB league you are valuing Stafford that high? Lord I would have 15 guys ranked above him this week. I am not questioned you but the trades are fair and that is why people trade sometimes, they have bye weeks and need help.............. people trade to win man, not lose