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  1. I'll take Cold Cut Have been playing Fantasy for 20+ years
  2. Well the guy who drop Turner and Betts also dropped your league....Maybe to make it harder for you to fill it.....Wouldn't it make it easier to fill the league if you let the new owner rectify that morons error and choose the keepers off last years roster..... He did drop two top 20 keepers and any new owner worth anything checks the year before roster to check if the best players were kept. Just IMO....
  3. no thanks then Mookie Betts is one the highest rated players He should have been kept if that was the fact.
  4. I'll take the Florida Marlins in the 2nd league
  5. I'll take Bay Bridge if I can change the keepers.... Looks like he had Betts and T. Turner last year
  6. I'll take the Seahawks