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  1. Rumor that Freeman may sign w/Jags. It's about opportunity and volume.
  2. Are there any guys following the "opener" tomorrow (Sun. 9/6) that might steal me a win. Desperate in my points league for a W or SV... Much thanks in advance!
  3. Hey, I am looking to joining a free league or two. Very competitive and Diamond-rated on Yahoo. I'll try Team 2 My email is: mike.martin844 AT Y Thanks!
  4. Hey, I am interested in both teams but prefer Team 1. I am extremely active and have been playing for over 30 years. Thanks, Mike Email: mike.martin844 @
  5. i'll take Team 1 if you still need a very active owner. Playing fantasy for over 30 years. Love this stuff!



    1. superman100679


      I sent you an invite for team 1

  6. If needed, my email is: mike.martin844 AT
  7. Hey, I am looking to add one more orphan team. Highly competitive, very active, and am Diamond-rated on Yahoo - for what that is worth. : ) Just let me know. Tried email - got an error message... Thanks,Mike
  8. We have a FREE 10 team H2H cats (6 by 6) league in our 5th year. Teams can keep up to 2 Keepers per year. This team has Acuna and several other young guns. We draft tomorrow night at 8 eastern. Email: for invite. Settings: Basic Settings League Name Field of Dreams Number of Teams 10 Scoring Type Head to Head Each Category Format League Manager Make League Viewable to Public No Draft Settings Draft Type Snake Draft Date Mar 8, 2020 @ 8:30 PM EDT Seconds Per Pick 90 Draft Order Randomized One Hour Prior to Draft Time Roster Roster Size 26 Total Starters 22 Total on Bench 4 (3 IL) POSITION STARTERS MAXIMUMS Catcher (C) 1 No Limit First Base (1B) 1 No Limit Second Base (2B) 1 No Limit Third Base (3B) 1 No Limit Shortstop (SS) 1 No Limit Middle Infielder (2B/SS) 1 N/A Corner Infielder (1B/3B) 1 N/A Infielder (IF) 0 N/A Left Field (LF) 0 No Limit Center Field (CF) 0 No Limit Right Field (RF) 0 No Limit Outfield (OF) 5 N/A Designated Hitter (DH) 0 No Limit Utility (UTIL) 1 N/A Pitcher (P) 9 N/A Starting Pitcher (SP) 0 No Limit Relief Pitcher (RP) 0 No Limit Bench (BE) 4 N/A Injured List (IL) 3 N/A Games Played Limits (Maximums) Batters No Limit Pitchers No Limit Scoring Batting Runs Scored (R) Home Runs (HR) Runs Batted In (RBI) Stolen Bases (SB) Batting Average (AVG) On Base plus Slugging Pct (OPS) † Minimum 5 Games Started Pitching Strikeouts (K) Quality Starts (QS) Saves (SV) Holds (HD) Earned Run Average (ERA) † Walks plus Hits Per Innings Pitched (WHIP) † Teams And Divisions Settings MAJORS The Golden Sombreros Team Worcester Team Spong That Ball Has Fight Team Two Tired Whiz Kids Seattle Spartans Mookie Monsters Bregman On Campus Ghost Surfer Player Rules Observe ESPN's Undroppable Players List Yes Player Universe MLB Acquisition And Waiver Rules Lineup Changes Daily - Lock individually at Scheduled Gametime Player Acquisition System Waivers Season Acquisition Limit No Limit Matchup Acquisition Limit 7 per matchup (for 7-day matchups) Waiver Period 1 Day Waiver Order Move to Last After Claim, Never Reset Order Trade Rules Trade Limit No Limit Trade Deadline No deadline Trade Review Period 1 Day Votes Required to Veto Trade 4 Keepers Rules Use Keepers for 2020 Season Yes 2020 Keepers Per Team 2 2020 Keeper Lock Date Lock One Hour Before Draft Use Keepers for 2021 Season Yes 2021 Keepers Per Team 2 2021 Keeper Lock Date Mar 4, 2021 @ 9:00 PM EST Regular Season Setup Start of Regular Season Week 1 (Start of Season) Weeks Per Matchup 1 Regular Season Matchups 19 Category Tie Breaker No tie breakers Playoff Bracket Setup Playoff Teams 6 Weeks Per Playoff Matchup 2 Playoff Seeding Tie Breaker Head to Head Record
  9. Bump- Draft is the Sunday 8:00 Est. Contact Jake at above email for direct link and settings
  10. Need one dedicated owner. Our league has been solid for the last 4 years and we are active all season. Just for fun and bragging rights. Several owners love to make trades and talk baseball. Most of us are affiliated w/ACC schools so we talk smack about that as well! : ). This team has several young studs Acuna being the biggest name. Interested?
  11. I would be happy to take on this team. I'm very active, never have quit on a season, and am Diamond-rated on Yahoo. Let me know. Thanks mike.martin844 AT