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  1. Danny Santana and Tommy LaStella are another couple of one-year power wonders I could see cratering if the baseball's 'de-juiced'.
  2. I’ll take the Knights.
  3. Ah what the heck I’ll take the mental team if it’s available.
  4. Especially in a weekly lineup. I’m down 1-10-1 to a team I finished thirty games ahead of in the regular season because my pitching melted down like it was the Mets bullpen (Wade Miley, Ty Buttrey, etc) while half my offense went AWOL literally (Baez, Marwin Gonzalez, a couple other guys already out or missed games) Would have also been nice not to have a Verlander no hitter wasted on the eve of the playoffs when I was already locked into the top seed lol
  5. My deep league (24 teams, 23-man rosters, 60-man minors) dynasty offense completely disintegrated by the time the playoffs started and I'm going to lose to a team I finished thirty games ahead of during the regular season (6x6 weekly lineup scoring). Javy Baez - hasn't played either game this week yet so I'll only have him for a partial week if at all Marwin Gonzalez - was a tough pre-week injury call as to whether I would lock him in but my best alternative was Mauricio Dubon, I wasn't sure how productive Dubon's AB's would be this week so I ran with Gonzalez but he'll probably be out this week too Lorenzo Cain - also in my lineup, had no real alternative other than to put Gonzalez in the OF and Dubon at UTIL, hasn't played yet this week either And those are just the guys who went AWOL in the last week or so. Before that I had Brandon Lowe go on IL, Derek Dietrich completely melt down after I traded for him and Tim Beckham get popped for PED's. Really my lineup when healthy hasn't been that bad but I'm gonna get destroyed this week, especially since my opponent's three top pitchers all have two-start weeks with mostly good matchups.
  6. Of course I sat him and Dereck Rodriguez this week in my deep dynasty after taking the collar with both of them last week.
  7. I’m mostly glad this is over so I can laugh even more at the dope in my twelve team redraft who took Tony Pollard in the ‘third’ round of a fantasy draft Saturday.
  8. The only one I really found was Fantrax, have no idea how good they were though.
  9. Rodney has more lives than a cat lol...but he's probably only going to be useful in holds leagues.
  10. I am but the league I have him is a ridiculously deep (40-man roster, 16 team, protected farms) daily H-to-H. I'm surprised nobody picked him up on waivers and I got him as a FA, I was fifteenth in waivers so didn't bother putting in a claim initially.
  11. Plus it’s hard to rehab unless one or two of your minor league teams are in playoffs since their regular seasons end early September. And with the Angels being long out of it by then they might take the conservative shutdown approach.
  12. Look at the Cubs second base numbers, they aren’t pretty. Garcia should get plenty of run before the deadline unless he goes like 2-25 with 12 K’s. His K rate is my only fear but I did give this guy a long term (albeit cheap) contract in my salary cap league so I have a little hope for him.
  13. It probably says more about the PCL than anything else, given his rookie ball numbers.
  14. Bit of a deep league question but I’m being offered a top ten pick in our league’s amateur draft and a decent rental player for my team’s title push for my third overall pick (likely Vaughn or Witt). Is the rest of the top ten draftees good enough to justify dropping to get a lineup piece for over half a season? I’ve heard alternately it’s either the top two, top three or top six that’s the first tier of draftees but not a draftnik so I don’t know how severe the drop in prospect value is.
  15. Flash in the pan long-term or is there sustainable improvement? One analysis I found: