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  1. I would take trade #1. I think J. Jones is on his decline. It is going to be Calvin's show here soon. J. Taylor is going to get even better as the season goes on. Robinson is a decent replacement and Kelley looks like to be a good Flex here and there.
  2. As much as it pains me, cause I am like DJ a lot I would take this. Hopkins, Dobbins, Jonathan Taylor And ONLY because Mack is out now.
  3. I would not do this trade. Your RB group gets very weak if you do that trade.
  4. I would agree on trading him if it can help get you something you need.
  5. PPR League, I want to start Fuller, but looking at my starters I don't know who to bench. Keep my lineup or sub someone out for Fuller? RB- Chubb RB- Kamara Flex- David Johnson WR- D. Adams WR- Golladay
  6. Hey All. Need a little help on one of my keepers. 12 team league, PPR scoring, $200 spending cap. K. Hunt for $4 / OR Aaron Jones for $25 One of the factors I am thinking about is the great price I would have Hunt for next year when he becomes a starter on another team. He would then be $14. Little worried about Jones with the RC RB they drafted. Thoughts? Thank you.
  7. Aaron Jones and Devin Singletary, both of my keepers just took a big hit to me.
  8. What is your guys opinions on Chargers resigning Gordon this off season, do you think they will? In my keeper league I would love to trade for Ekeler if we know he is going to be the guy next year.
  9. I took a shot on him in my Auction Keeper League. Only spent $1 and will ride him on my bench for a few weeks into the season to see how that backfield shapes up.
  10. Anyone know if something happen to Anderson not to play in the first preseason game? I really wanted to see what he has before my drafts. Want to take him in both of my keepers and to see if he has a chance to take over Jones and Barber.
  11. I have held on to him in my Keeper league hoping he displays something before years end.
  12. Do you think we are getting close to seeing Kalen Ballage any?
  13. I am going to pick up Ballage in my auction keeper league and stash him on my bench. I liked what I saw in the first preseason game and I think he has the skill to be the starter next year. But I don't think he has much value this year, unless Drake goes down.