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  1. Also have interest in 5 feet high for a second option or.possible other leagues you mentioned may be available Bkabat7@yahoo.com
  2. Any chance of moving draft back a day? I'd like to join but cant make the draft that night but can the next day at same time, no hurt in asking...
  3. Draft a brand new team consisting of 34 man rosters (24 Starters) and 12 man Minors tonight! Daily Moves. Unlimited Trades (no vetoes, it's your team) including next seasons draft picks. No trade deadline. H2H Points, 30 Keepers as long as you want them. 12 Team Free league on Fantrax, click here to join https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/joinLeague.go?leagueId=ws7tm4d7k7z0jch6&isSubmit=y or leave email for invite. Obviously want active owners but I understand outside obligations as long as you set lineups daily.
  4. I'll take reclamation project! Bkabat7@yahoo.com 15 year fantasy baseball vet, multi-year champ