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  1. That’s perfect. Giving my kid a bath. Will accept invite and pay LS shortly
  2. What time do you plan on drafting? I can do this:
  3. I'm in and got the leaguesafe invite. Need about 45 mins before I can pay....getting the kids to sleep. Will pay by 8. Thanks commish. (team Evans)
  4. I think so. I’m in. Commish said he needed a couple of hours about an hour ago
  5. I’m good as long as it starts after 8pm eastern. 9pm is perfect
  6. How’s it looking for this one? Are we close to having the numbers to draft tonight?
  7. Wow that’s a truly terrible team! Still, I could be interested depending on how and when you are drafting. What’s the plan?
  8. I’m not authorized to view the league. Can you change the settings so it’s viewable by the public?
  9. Me also. I have the money in LS to pay immediately.