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  1. I can def see him in the 20-24min ball park
  2. Nemanja? He went off a year ago when he was in the starting line up.
  3. Bjelicia went off a year ago when he was in the starting line up.
  4. I usually play yahoo but one of my leagues is on ESPN this year and when I drafted him, he only showed PF.... smh
  5. Is it me or did WCJ just get the center position added to him on ESPN in the past 48 hours
  6. Can see this guy performing 2nd round value but my concern is if he's going to play 65+ games. If so he's going to smash his ADP value
  7. I can see him getting 15-20 minutes off the bench and they may unleash him second half of the season.
  8. Maybe he'll play 5+ games at SF and yahoo will open his eligiblity
  9. What round is he going in everyones 12 man leagues so far? I have my draft in 50 minutes and thinking of reaching for him round 9/10
  10. Nvm, he's hosting the yearly state farm celebrity tournament next week. Would not be surprised if he has been bowling on the side
  11. I really like how this guy has been bowling on the side including the state farm celebrity tournament that he recently hosted.