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  1. While true, their defense is an abomination. Therefore, I don't think they'll have much of a choice. But, if someone is willing to pay up, cool.
  2. Not even close. The complaining managers, are tools.
  3. Is this a serious question? Brown is the beautiful eyes. Symmetrical nose. High cheek bones. And Davis? Well, he's the hairy scrotum.
  4. Dallas offense or Bears offense? Hmmmmm........ Not the Bears.
  5. Provided Bell doesn't sign with KC, top two, easily.
  6. I get what you're saying, but this is Gase we're talking about. Which makes all coaching comparisons, null and void.
  7. His lack of use in the passing game, is the most mystifying of Mixon's issues. The only thing Gio has on JM, is that he's shorter. I know that's not really a benefit, but was all I could come up with.
  8. You feel sorry for someone that makes $2 mil a year, that sucks profusely, at their job? Yikes. I'll save my sympathy, for those that might truly deserve it.
  9. Are we putting him in our lineups??? Does a cat have an @ss? Does a hobby horse have a wooden Johnson? In order to get him out, you'd have to pry my lap top, from my cold, dead hands.
  10. Even if he doesn't do anything, it's fun to say his name for three hours.