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  1. Did kyrie still play after he sprained his knee? Because Giannis still played 3 more minutes after this incident. I hope he's fine. I need him for playoff push.
  2. He's BACK .....😁😁😊😊😊
  3. Typical jjj is back, foul trouble 😥
  4. But thats because markannen still playing right? He goes at 4 and felicio at 5? Now markannen is gone. However, we'll see. I hope our gambling on thad is good
  5. Dropped Kuzma for this guy as soon as heard the news. Hope he can give me offensive reb like good old days in pacers.
  6. I drafted KAT in 3rd pick above AD, and couple of my friends were made fun of it especially when KAT was playing bad with Butler still in T'Wolves. I told them that I prefer pick a steady guy rather than "high risk high reward" in AD. Who's laughing now😀😀😀😀😀😀
  7. Thank God Brett Brown appeciates Boban gift more than Stan or Doc
  8. GSW players random DNP for rest or fake injury. I had kevin durant last year, and lost in first week of playoff due to fake injury.
  9. I just added boban also with this news. Somehow still skeptical with boban playing big minutes, i dont know why coaches dont like to give him more than 20 minutes eventhough their team short on bigs. We know he can give stats for fantasy, but not sure in actual game.
  10. Its hard to tell, cousins can stretch the floor with his three point shooting and can pass, okafor cannot do all of that. If they want to play that again, ad have to change role and play as cousins last year
  11. With bobby portis and jabari acquisition, I still can see Washington fight for Playoff, so shutdown still up in the air. If they keep winning after the trade, i dont think he will be shutdown.
  12. Since the previous hammy injury, he is not the lamb that we are expecting. Damn, i hope he turned it around in 2nd half.