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  1. Any ump that thinks anyone has or hasnt earned a call should be fired. The zone is the zone and they need to call the game fair for everyone.
  2. Not a terrible outing there. HR's to Upton and Trout are just tip your hat and move on. Can't be giving up ones to guys like Valbuena or walking Cozart in front of Trout. Defense let him down on the Pujols pop. Should have more good games than bad IMO.
  3. Well that escalated quickly haha.
  4. Agreed would love to see this guy get a shot. Grichuk is a hack at the plate and in the field.
  5. Facing a truly crap lefty in a little league park. Multi HR day or bust!
  6. He has 3 as stated above, with 6 1 fers. Thats 7 out of 11 poor games (2 of the 1 fers here HRs). He has only faced a few good pitchers. There should be better counting stats.
  7. You are confusing extra year of control with Super Two. Extra year of control happens as long as hes not called up until Monday or so. Super Two has to do with when he can first be eligible for arbitration. They have his rights for the same amount of time whether they call him up Monday or in June.
  8. and 6 1fers, did you read the whole post? Only 2 multi hit games this year. Id like a little more of that and less 0 and 1 fers.
  9. Ask and ye shall receive! Thanks Bench heat!
  10. How about a HR every now and then? Getting real tired of an RBI sprinkled among the 0 fers and 1 fers.