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  1. I’m interested. It says there’s 16 teams in already so it won’t let me join. If you still need people let me know cus I’m def interested
  2. Bump. Forgot to add it’s 12 team. Need 1 more. Draft tomorrow!
  3. Standard yahoo settings with 5 adds per week. Faab waivers with 1000 bankroll and 0 bids. Leaguesafe deposit must be made ASAP so we know the league is full. 250 buy in. 1st and 2nd reg season get paid. 1/2/3 in playoffs get paid. Good league been going for about 4 years. We have a chat app with most members in to keep in touch, banter, and talk trades easier. Draft is 3/28 at 9pm ET. This will not change. Once everyone is paid we will generate a draft order. If if interested please email dont dm on here cus I don’t check often. Email with any questions
  4. 250 yahoo auction pro league needs 3 more. Drafts at 6pm ET
  5. Yahoo 250 pro league needs 3 more for tonight’s at 6pm ET. Auction
  6. Trying to get this $250 yahoo pro league auction to fill tonight. Only needs 4 more. Starts at 6pm ET. I believe sign up stops 2 hours prior. Come join
  7. I'm in if u need one more. I can pay asap