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  1. lol this is the league i was messaging you about in your DM earlier
  2. Sounds good, you’ll be the first we contact, but everyone has already paid, but if someone does back out I’ll let you know, you’ll be the 1st on the list
  3. Yup I saw it, do you see an email asking you to join the league? Lmk so I can get that to you if you don’t
  4. If the oher two pay, you will be the last one, LeagueSafe link is in the rules at the top, you’ll get an email to join the league/chat after you pay
  5. You’re in, In the rules link, at the top is the LeagueSafe info, after you pay that you’ll get an email to join the league/chat
  6. 1 other guy paid as well, he just hasn’t clicked the link to join the league/chat yet
  7. Okay sounds good, just make sure you stay consistent with it, it’s a yearly commitment with this league, LeagueSafe link is in the rules at the top, after you pay that, you’ll get an email to join the league and get in the chat room with all of us
  8. Cool you should have have an email, with a link to join the league now, click it and join so you can be in the chat with all of us as well
  9. Sorry about that, I had the same problem earlier, he said he uses e-check because that way LeagueSafe doesn’t take that 4% fee
  10. I thought I was kicked out of the league but it seems to have just been an ESPN error as to why I couldn’t draft, but I’m not the Owner of the league I’m just trying to get it filled so we can get to the Kentucky derby part of the draft, ArmchairGM on sleeperbot is the owner of the league, he can answer more questions for you if you’d like, if you want to join the league the LeagueSafe is at the top of the rules, after that you will get an email to join the league
  12. Come join the Armchair Football League! Dues and payouts handled by LeagueSafe Looking for ACTIVE owners! Preferably with previous dynasty experience $50 dues Great playoff and prize structure Fun toilet bowl structure which awards a compensatory pick for the following rookie draft! Second chance dispersal draft 26 man rosters: Start 1 QB, 2RB, 2WR, 2TE, 3 Flex, 1 Superflex Bench 15, 2 IR slots QB: 6pt per touchdown, -4pt per interception, -2 more if returned for a TD RB/WR: .5 ppr TE: 1 ppr Be sure to check out our league rules document here: Don't sign up if you're not going to be active and committed!
  13. Sounds good, I’m down for anything even if it’s re build, very active, can assure you, that you will not be disappointed
  14. Experienced owner/Very Active Would like a well organized Dynasty league Contact me: